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02-12-2010, 01:04 PM
A sold out show at the Town Ballroom in downtown Buffalo. My guess is that you can get around 1200 or so in there. I got a spot on the right of the stage, second row behind the rail. Though half way though five fingers set I would get pushed a little further back.

2 cents was on first. I had no clue who they were but they did alright. Having a drummer as lead vocalist could deffinately help them I think. It's something different that can set them apart. Some guy came out and played drums for a few songs so the singer could go around the stage. I have no clue who the guy was though. The one thing that annoyed me about them is that the singer would be making jokes in between the songs. Almost like he's trying out a stand up routine or something. It got a little annoying.

God Forbid was next. While I know who they are i've never listened to anything from them. They did a good job and got the crowd going. Their performance was no bullshit. They got out there performed their set, kicked ass and left. Maybe the singer from 2 cents can get some pointers from them.

Up next was my main reason for coming Shadows Fall. They sounded excellent, better than the other two times i've seen them. Especially the new stuff, which was my first time hearing that stuff live. The crowd responded well to them to, which is a very good thing. I was singing so loud for them that I heard myself over the music. Brian Fair is good frontman and knows how to work the stage and get the crowd to participate.

Here's the set:
The Path To Iminent Ruin(tape intro)
Thoughts Without Words
Still I Rise
What Drives The Weak
King Of Nothing
Inspiration On Demand
A Public Execution
Bark At The Moon(Ozzy Cover)
The Light That Blinds

A friend of mine who went to the show texted me after SF got done playing and said how much they kicked ass and they should've headlined. Truer words have never been spoken.

The crowd was really into Five Finger. The were loud and singing along to everything. So much for all the people who say that the people who follow them are trendy or whatever. Casual fans don't take the time to get to know everything from a band, so people who complain about that can suck it. They had a good performance as well but not quite as good as Shadows Fall.

The Set:
Burn It Down
The Way Of The Fist
Hard To See
No One Gets Left Behind
Bad Company
White Knuckles
Never Enough
Dying Breed
Meet The Monster

The Bleeding

Eleven songs is a bit short for a headliner. It's only two more than SF did, they could easily throw in a few more. Ashes and Bulletproof would be good additions. I thought I saw in some other reviews that Bulletproof was in the set but I might be mistaken. During White Knuckles Ivan invited a couple of kids who were in the crowd up on stage. One was 12 and the other was 9 he said some stuff about this being the next generation of metal fans. He swore a few times as he was talking and apologized to the kids. Ivan said he has a deal with his daughter that whenever he swears he has to put a dollar in a jar. So he asked someone in to audience for two bucks and people strated throwing money up on stage and Ivan gave it all to the two kids. It was kind of a time waster but I guess it was cool since those kids got some money for nothing tonight.

Before they did Dying Breed Ivan said to the security to take care of the fans because during this song he wanted people to come up and shake his hand. So during this song there was a ton of crowd surfing for people who wanted to get up there and "meet" Ivan. This was actually not as insane as it could've been. I guess because people were prepared for the surfers and knew what to do. As opposed to most times when you don't see them coming and they end up kicking you in the head.

After the show the other bnads were hanging out at the bar in the front lobby. Brian Fair from Shadows Fall had a lot of people around him wanting to meet him and take pictures. I went up and shook hands with him and told him it was good to meet him and how much the band rocked and that they were the best metal band on the sceen today. He just said thank you man that means so much. I wasn't even nervous at all meeting him. I guess when you see bands sitting at a bar having some drinks it puts you at ease and you see them as regular people and not rock stars. I would've stayed and had a drink with them but unfortunately my brother, who was my ride, was out the door by the time I got my chance to meet Brian. If I stayed I would've been stranded in the middle of the night downtown with no way to get home.

Overall it was an enjoyable evening. Now all Shadows Fall has gotta do is stop lowering themselves by opening for a band that they shouldn't be going on before and we'll be all set. Sorry, for the long review. I guess i'm just very detail oriented.

02-12-2010, 05:00 PM
That show was great both Shadows Fall and Five Finger were amazing. Even 2 cents and God Forbid did good. There is abosolutly nothing for me to complain about one of the best concerts Ive been to. Shadows Fall did great they played the 3 songs from Retribution I wanted to hear. My Demis, King Of nothing and A Public Execution What drives the Weak was also one of the best songs of the night. Five finger did great to they did what I wanted to hear. I mostly wanted to hear Way of the Fist and Meet the monster and they played it. No one gets left behind and Dying breed were great to. Throwing up the horns with my friends enjoying great metal I think that qualifys has a great night.

02-12-2010, 08:00 PM
I want you to know how hard I am trying to not hate right now.

02-12-2010, 08:02 PM
I want you to know how hard I am trying to not hate right now.

If your going to hate dont click on the thread.

02-12-2010, 08:09 PM
If your going to hate dont click on the thread.


02-13-2010, 11:23 AM
I want you to know how hard I am trying to not hate right now.

What exactly are you trying not to hate on? Care to elaborate on that at all?

02-13-2010, 05:18 PM
I also went and it was a pretty good show. Shadows Fall was also my reason for going. They are great live. As good live as 5FDP was, SF blew them away. It was backwards to me. They seem to be a warm up act quite a bit. It would be great to see them on their own tour

02-14-2010, 06:00 PM
I forgot to mention in my review that Ivan Moody said before one of the songs that their good friend Howard Jones left KSE:eek: I know he left the tour but i'm not sure how true it is about him leaving the band. Maybe Ivan just said it wrong.