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01-22-2010, 11:38 PM
My neck is sore as hell, my ears are still ringing, and my ass is thoroughly kicked.

For those who are unfamiliar with the venue, there are five main stages: the Rave itself, the Eagles Ballroom upstairs, the Rave Basement on the lower level, the Rave bar stage, and the "up-and-coming" band stage. The show was at the Rave bar stage, and I decided to take a stand up front for the first time ever. And I made it through everything, never once giving up my spot.

Dreaming Dead were pretty good, and that Hispanic chick that sings for 'em...:drool:. Krisiun just blew me the fuck away. Their singer/bassist seemed genuinely excited to be there, and their drummer was a fuckin' ANIMAL. Immolation was okay, but all I could hear from where I was standing were the guitarist and the drummer. And as for their singer/bassist, some may look at him and see a death metal legend. I look at him and think "How fuckin' long does it take him to shower in the morning with Cousin It growing out of his head there?"

And then there was Nile. Everything everybody said about them previously on the boards held true again, and I got to feel firsthand how brutal a death metal show can be. I also managed to grab a copy of the setlist--it was taped to the speaker I was leaning on, and after Dallas announced the last song, I grabbed it. Here's Nile's set (if anyone can fill in the other three sets, I'd be grateful):

Sacrifice Unto Sebek
Hittite Dung Incantation
Serpent Headed Mask
Execration Text
Papyrus Containing The Spell To Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water
4th Arra Of Dagon
Permitting The Noble Dead To Descend To The Underworld
Lashed To The Slave Stick
Cast Down The Heretic
Black Seeds Of Vengeance

01-23-2010, 12:09 AM
I think you mean Dreaming Dead.. And yeah they're awesome! I really gotta see nile live

01-23-2010, 10:17 AM
THIS SHOW WAS BRUTAL AS HELL!! Maybe it was just where i was standing, or that i had just smoked a shit load right befor they went on, but Krisiun is one of the heaviest sounding live bands ive ever heard! I drove all the way from fuckin chicago to see this show it was well worth it!!