View Full Version : Ensiferum -- Cleveland, OH -- November 30, 2009

12-29-2009, 11:19 AM
A little later posting this than I would have intended, but all in all a very fun night of Folk Metal that is still fresh in my mind. We miraculously stumbled upon tickets for this bad boy at the last minute, and after the day's business was through, I hightailed it out of Pittsburgh to Cleveland to celebrate with the elder Gods after an already long day. This would be the 2nd time catching Ensiferum, along with Blackguard, having already saw them on the Summer Slaughter Tour, but the first time seeing Ensiferum in a headlining spot. And the results were beauteous!

Blackguard: Blackguard isn't necessarily a band I would go out of my way to buy albums from, but live show is suitably fun and they play with considerable finesse. I picture these guys as the Folk Metal equivalent to The Faceless. "This Round's On Me" was a standout track, though. I'll crib the set that JuuKun posted for the Worcester, MA date...

The Sword
The Last We Wage
The Fallen
In Time
This Round's On Me

Ex Deo: No "Holy Diver" or "Rainbow In The Dark"?! What kind of Ex-Deo band is this??? Ok, the concept was interesting enough to translate into a metal band, but the execution left a lot to be desired. Too much time was spent in trying to put over the Roman gimmick, when it was really the blitzkrieg death metal attack that really put Kataklysm over in years past. However, I must admit that I found amusement in the vocalist's metaphor for calling out a "Roman Battlefield" in the crowd for a traditional Mosh Pit. I XD'd. Once again it was probably something like...

Storm the Gates of Alesia
The Final War (Battle of Actium)
Legio XIII

and a few other songs

Ensiferum: After Ex Deo was through with dining in hell, a potpourri of Classic Rock and Traditional European Folk music hit the PA for the duration of Ensiferum's set-up... Sadly no Jethro Tull was heard (the flute is a heavy metal instrument, you know...) :confused:

The atmosphere that circulated Peabody's Downunder (a truly excellent venue for this tour) was chilling in the moments before Ensiferum took the stage. After some teasing moments with the PA, "By The Diving Stream" finally hit the PA, and Ensiferum triumphantly waltzed onto the stage to bring the fans a top-notch headlining performance, and with Hypocrisy's visa run-in, an unabridged damn-near 2 hour headlining performance. Incredible. Barring "Iron", none of the songs overlapped with the setlist that they had for the Summer Slaughter tour. The new songs especially added to the epic feel of the performance. And in the end, the overwhelming demand lead Ensiferum to perform both "Iron" and "Battle Song" as the closing numbers. Unbelievable!!! :rocker:

By The Diving Stream -> From Afar
Twilight Tavern (lol Twilight)
Little Dreamer
Elusive Reaches
Stone Cold Metal
Guardians Of Fate
Tales Of Revenge
Smoking Ruins
Slayer Of Light
One More Magic Potion
Tunman Virran Taa/The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part II)
Treacherous Gods
Iron (a.k.a. "DA DA DA DA, DA DA DA DA!")
Battle Song