View Full Version : Necromance -- Allentown, PA -- December 10th, 2009

12-10-2009, 10:05 PM
Tonight, my sister and I did the first of two acoustic shows we're doing this weekend, this one took place at the Sterling Hotel. Unfortunately this came close to breaking our record for fewest-number-of-people-performed-to, but it did. I think there may have been 20 people there, only about 8 of which were there for us. Yes, very depressing.
Anyway, the show was just me playing piano (and singing a bit) with my sister singing. When we do these shows, the sets are pretty much all covers, because for this format, it's just better to go with more appropriate material, since most people don't even know these songs are covers.

01.Temptation Revelation (Savatage)
02.I Believe in Me (Silent Call)
04.Man of Sorrows (Bruce Dickinson)
05.From Childhood's Hour (Circus Maximus)
06.One last Goodbye (Seventh Wonder)
07.Superheroes (Edguy)
08.Hollow Years (Dream Theater)
09.Wait For Sleep (Dream Theater)
10.O to G (Jon Oliva's Pain)
11.Somewhere In Time (Savatage)
12.Believe (Savatage)