View Full Version : Burning at the Stake -- Simi Valley, CA -- December 5th, 2009

12-06-2009, 11:01 AM
Awesome Show. Got to the venue around 6 30, it's a really cool place. The stage is awesome, they have great lighting, and they set up tons of video cameras to record the shows.

Empire, the first band, went on around 7:45 (show ran late) and were very out of place considering the bands playing later in the night.

Next band, Deadchange, was incredibly gay hardcore shit. They played for way too long, PLUS their band's music was playing like in between every break. :mad:

Next was Back From Death. They were awesome! You don't hear much classic death metal like they played and they nailed it. They played a Morbid Angel cover. I don't know they're setlist though as this was my first time hearing them. I will definetely check out more of their music soon, though.

Next was Descent of the Dead. I had heard they were really good, and they were awesome! Aside from a few minor technical difficulties, they played a really good set. They seemed like really awesome dudes also.

Finally was Burning at the Stake! They kicked ass, as always. The pit was going through their whole set.

Their setlist was (maybe a bit off):
Prevalent Desolution
When You Die Nothing Happens
Creature of Inconcievable Horrors
(New Song)
Nefarious Campaign
Premeditated Chance

If you haven't heard of these guys, check them out!

You can also check out an interview i conducted with them at: