View Full Version : Buried Inside -- Munich, Germany -- November 23rd, 2009

11-24-2009, 09:50 AM
At last Buried Inside and Tombs visited Munich as part of their co-headlining tour. It was a really intense show in a tiny club with about 40-50 people in the crowd.
The support band was a local hardcore act called "Bale". After 30 minutes and another 25-30 minutes of changeover "Buried Inside" entered the stage or at least tried to do so. As there wasn't much space left on the stage their singer partly performed in front of it. ;)
The setlist was pretty awesome and they played both my favorite songs "V" and "Time As Imperialism". I didn't really expect that they would play the latter, though. Unfortunately they were already done after 40 minutes...one or two songs more from "Spoils Of Failure" would have been great.
After the changeover it was time for "Tombs" as they were headlining this night. "Tombs" were pretty awesome as well although they played a lot of new stuff I never have heard before. Unfortunately, I don't have a setlist of their performance.


01. Introduction
02. Time As Ideology
03. V
04. II
05. Time As Methodology
06. Time As Surrogate Religion
07. Time As Imperialism
08. Time As Commodity