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11-22-2009, 12:10 PM
So, last night I made a trek into New York City to see my absolute favorite unsigned band, Lazarus. This isn't the first time I've gone to unusual lengths to see and support them.
I gave up my typical "master of my own destiny" attitude and decided to take the train into the city and then the subway pretty much to the venue (Don Hill's). We got held up a bit on the way in, but wound up getting to the venue around 8:30 or so. We completely missed the first band, and the second band "J Rad" were almost done when we got there. I saw them open for Saxon. They weren't any better this time. After that it was time for Faith Factor, a Christian-oriented "True Metal Band", which, despite ridiculous amounts of cheese, were pretty solid.
Around 10:15 Lazarus hit the stage, and for the next 50 minutes or so they blasted through a kickass set of metal tunes, almost all of which are from their still forthcoming album, "Awaken". I've heard these songs a few times now so I'm starting to become familiar with them and enjoy them more. The band's new guitarist Joe Todaro seems to be better adjusted than he was back in July, as there was a good bit more interraction on stage. The playing was superb as always, with Glenn Dagrossa showing off his excellent presence as a frontman, Artie Dillon shredding away between his excellent bits of backing vocals, and rhythm section of Freddie Villano and Nick D'Allesandro holding everything together nicely. All in all it was a great set, and the crowd response was very nice. Highlights of the set included the melodically catchy "Bones to Dust", the epic "Awaken", the technically elaborate "The Inquisitor", and the super-fun catchy anthem, "Wings of Avalon", with which the band closed.
After the show we hung around with the guys for a while, in particular I talked to their singer, Glenn about events that have transpired in the past 6 months and when we can finally expect to hear a finished version of "Awaken". As of now they expect the record to be finished by January and out as soon as probable after that. I can't wait.
For those of you have gained an interest in the band from my review, please check the band out at:

Set list:
01.As the Dark So the Light
02.Bones to Dust
03.The Death of Me
04.Beneath the Surface
06.The Inquisitor
07.Wings of Avalon