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Fe Maiden
11-20-2009, 01:29 PM
“Get your Sting and Blackout” Scorpions World Tour 2010!
The Scorpions will be launching their spectacular world tour with seven concerts in Germany. Tickets are on sale now.
2009 was the year of the Scorpions: they received the German lifetime achievement ECHO, collected many other awards, and undertook a grand tour through Russia, the U.S. and Europe. However, it is 2010 that will set a milestone for the career of the most successful international rock band from Germany. The Scorpions will be touring the world for the next 2 years and performing in the largest venues and stadiums that cross their path. The mammoth tour will be launched for the first time in many years in Germany. “It was important for us to give our fans a chance to celebrate a never-to-forget party with us”, said band founder Rudolf Schenker. Klaus Meine stated, “2010 is going to be a very special year for the Scorpions, so it is an especially good feeling to be able to start this tour at home”.

To top it all off, the Scorpions are planning on releasing a sensational statement this January at a press conference.

The performances in Germany will be followed by concerts in the U.S., South America, Asia, Russia and various countries in Europe. Matthias Jabs remarked about the tour, “we are very excited to be touring the globe for the next two years. The Scorpions want to rock the world once again!”

Momentarily, the band is in the recording studio working on their upcoming album that will also be released in 2010. The brand new DVD “Amazonia” - a live recording of the Scorpions concerts in Manaus and Recife, Brazil - is in stores now.

Dates in Germany:
◦May 7, 2010 Leipzig, Arena
◦May 8, 2010 München, Olympiahalle
◦May 12, 2010 Frankfurt, Festhalle
◦May 14, 2010 Stuttgart, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle
◦May 29, 2010 Berlin, O2 World
◦May 30, 2010 Zwickau, Stadthalle
◦June 1, 2010 Hannover, TUI Arena

If the "sensational statement" is that the Blackout album will be played in its entirety I'll cream myself:drool:

11-20-2009, 05:16 PM
Meh, meh and thrice meh. Scorpions rule. Everyone brave enough to admit it says so. But they already play the biggest venues they can play. In the UK they play 5,000 capacity theatres. That isn't going to change.

I don't see this being that special.

Fe Maiden
11-23-2009, 12:30 PM
I don't see this being that special.You must not care for the Blackout album much......