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10-30-2009, 05:13 AM
A friend and I saw Type O Negative last night on their short fall tour. Here's how it went...

We got there around 7:20 and I went to the merch stand to get a shirt. I had seen some cool shirts online that they were selling at the previous shows, but they must have run out because there were only 2 shirts and a hoodie left. So, I got a shirt, then went into the crowd. Seventh Void were up first. It was cool seeing Johnny and Kenny, but to be honest, they were just okay. I don't know what their setlist was, but I recorded it, so with time I can figure it out.

Next up were Destrophy, and Jesus Christ, were they terrible. I think most of the crowd thought the same too, because they were mocked and laughed at by a majority of the people I saw around me. They were kind of Trivium, but worse.

And obviously, Type O Negative closed the show. This was 2nd time seeing them, I first saw them last June with Hatebreed and Peter looked, played, and sang like shit that night. He didn't even play bass half of the time and grumbled through most of the lyrics. Fortunately, this was different. He sounded great, had energy, and actually played his bass. There were only a few complaints. For the most part, they keyboards were inaudible, but even so, the fill in keyboardist wasn't that bad...when you could hear him. This was probably because everything else was so damn loud, I wore earplugs, and still, most everything was a distorted mess. Also, a LOT of assholes, definitely on par with Danzig last year. Also, they didn't play anything off Slow, Deep and Hard. Maybe next time. But enough complaining, here's the setlist...

Dead Again
In Praise of Bacchus
Halloween in Heaven
The Profit of Doom
Love You to Death
Wolf Moon
World Coming Down/Dear Prudence
Christian Woman
Black No.1

10-30-2009, 01:12 PM
they switch the set up alittle thats cool.