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10-15-2009, 01:40 PM
Venue: The Czar Bar

NOTE: Book Of Black Earth is not on this tour, even though they are advertised to be. I talked with Joe Payne from Divine Heresy and he said that them and Book of Black Earth were supposed to share a bus for the tour, but DH's management told the band that the bus was to expensive ($800 bucks a day) so Divine Heresy took their van. I guess DH's management never relayed the message to Book Of Black Earth's management that there was no bus, so BoBE flew out to L.A. expecting to head down to FL with Divine Heresy but got the news straight from Dino I believe. Joel said everyone in DH felt horrible since BoBE flew all the way out to LA to jump on a bus with them, but management fucked up. It's always the good people that suffer. Fuck the system.

We got there around 6:30 and doors were supposed to be at 7 but this is a metal show, so doors didn't open up until about 7:30. Anyways, here is the line-up for the night.

The first band was a local band called Promethean Horde. I wasn't expecting much since the drummer and keyboardist looked like they belonged in a deathcore video, with their hats and gauges. The guitarists and the bassist (who was playing a 7 string bass) looked the part and the singer wore black metal face paint with spike bracelets and gauntlets. It just seemed like an extremely weird mix of people. Anyways, they blew me fucking away. I would love to see them again, and EVERYONE needs to check this band out. Extremely talented.

Promethean Horde
1. ????????
2. ??????
3. ???????
4. We Are The Bringers Of Fire (something along those lines)

Next up was another local act, Legions. They fucking sucked. The drummer and the guitarist were basically just playing as fast as possible, the bassist just used the top bass string to play everything, and the singer played the same god damn chord just at different speeds. Fucking terrible band.

The last of the local acts was a band called, Generichrist. Awesome band. New wave thrash and the singer sounded just like Tom from Slayer. Definently check these guys out. If there CD fell into the right hands they could be HUGE.

1. ????????
2. ????????
3. ???????
4. ??????
5. Sonic Casket

Secrets Of The Moon, from Germany, was up next. They reminded me of Enslaved mixed with Opeth and some Satyricon. Awesome band, and I will definently be buying their CDs. They said they would be back in Spring, so look forward to that

Secrets Of The Moon
1. Privilegivm (Intro)
2. Sulphur
3. ??????
4. ??????
5. Lucifer Speaks

Divine Heresy played next. Dino handed out Asesino picks while Tim was setting up his drums. They put on an amazing show, besides the fact that none of them could hear each other in their monitors. That just made it that much better. Watching Tim Yeung drum live is an experience. He is a fucking monster, and he does it with such precision and makes it look effortless. The singer Travis said he was getting over a cold so that explained so of the weak vocal parts, but they kicked ass.

Divine Heresy
1. Facebreaker
2. Bleed The Fifth
3. Impossible Is Nothing :rocker:
4. The Battle Of J. Casey
5. Savior Self :rocker:
6. Undivine Prophecies (Intro)
7. Bringer Of Plagues
8. Monolithic Doomsday Devices
9. Anarchaos
10. Failed Creation

Finally, Moonspell was next on stage. They nailed it. They even had a screen behind them that played video during their set. It was great to see them finally have a headlining set, and they did not disappoint. The bassist (Don Aries) almost kicked me in the face when he put his foot up on the monitor and the monitor flipped but it was all good. They said they were going to try and come back sometime next year during the spring.

1. At Tragic Heights
2. Night Eternal
3. Finisterra
4. The Southern Deathstyle :rocker:
5. Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
6. Opium
7. Scorpion Flower
8. Moon In Mercury :rocker:
9. Vampiria
10. Mephisto :rocker:
11. Alma Mater
12. Blood Tells
13. Full Moon Madness

Secrets Of The Moon had 2 or 3 shirts at 20 bucks, a CD I believe for 10, and a Limited Longsleeve Jersey thing for 25.

Divine Heresy had 4 shirts, each 20 bucks. They also had both of their CD's for 10 bucks.

Moonspell had a tour shirt for 20, and 2 or 3 other shirts for 20. There was a long sleeve Irreligious shirt for 25 or 30 I think. They also had a Moonspell bandana for 10 bucks.

After The Show
I got a picture with Joel and Travis from Divine Heresy. When I handed them the 2 CD booklets I had, Travis asked me if I wanted Dino and Tim to sign it. I said yes and he said I'll be right back. He went backstage and got them signed and came back. This marks the 2nd time that anyone from a band has done this for me (the first being the bassist from Karnivool). Travis Neal has to be one of the nicest persons I have ever met. I also met Tim after the show and got him to sign my Hate Eternal - Conquering The Throne booklet :rocker:. He was pretty surprised when I handed him it. For being a fat man, Dino is pretty fucking quick. He disappeared really fast after the show.

The bassist, singer, and drummer of Moonspell all came out afterwards and signed stuff and took pictures. Extremely nice guys and the bassist is a funny guy. Apparently he's from Venezuela and doesn't speak English that good, so after the show, he was trying to apologize for almost kicked me in the face. I didn't know that he was Spanish, I thought he was from Portugal. I took a year of Portuguese so I know simple things but not enough to carry a conversation, so I was trying to figure out how to communicate that it was all good. Then I said something in Spanish and he responded and I was like "What the hell? You speak Spanish?!?!" That was when the conversation kicked off. We talked for a good 20 minutes. Extremely nice guy.

That's the review of the show. Whoever manages to make this thing will not be disappointed.

10-15-2009, 01:49 PM
UGH. I told myself I wasn't going to look, that I wanted to be surprised in NYC on Sunday...but...

That's a pretty damn good Moonspell set. I mean, I'd like it to be longer, but they didn't miss any of the essentials really (which, aside from the Night Eternal tracks, I guess that's pretty much what the set is). They could have switched out The Southern Deathstyle for something else, though.

VERY pleased to see Wolfshade in there. Moon in Mercury is awesome, but even if there was a video for it, I don't really want to see Scorpion Flower without Anneke - I wish they were playing Shadow Sun instead, or Dreamless (Lucifer and Lilith).

Not a fan of Divine Heresy, wish it was still Samael on the bill. But Secrets of the Moon sound like they'll be good, I haven't really checked them out.

10-15-2009, 02:33 PM
Still pissed this got changed to 21+ here. :(

10-16-2009, 12:29 AM
Can't wait for next month to see this!!! Not familiar w/ BOBE but that is really crappy to have to find out the way they did. After seein them w/ Danzig I'm excited to see a full headlining set.

Side note I really don't see Moonspell really packing the Beaumont @ all so it's not surprising it got moved to the Riot Room but still very unfortunate for you as well tho. My deepest sympathies...

10-16-2009, 12:33 AM
woah, we have a Czar Bar here too... @_@

10-16-2009, 06:11 AM
Pretty solid moonspell setlist, 3 songs off the first album