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10-13-2009, 09:52 PM
Well This was my second consecutive time going to a show before my birthday, and by god it was fucking amazing. God Dethroned put on a sick setlist. Abigail Williams, I wasn't too fond of, in fact they're more like Abifail Williams 'cuz they weren't exactly my cup of tea. Augury were fucking sick. A local band called Pyrahh weren't too bad, but I was saving my energy for Augury and God Dethroned.

Pyrahh was up first, and I gotta say the guitar player was very good, they didn't get the crowd response because I guess nobody wasn't really into them. I was busy drinking a beer in early celebration of my 20th birthday.

Next band up was Augury, and WOW what a fucking awesome performance they put on and they were from Montreal, Quebe. They were just a fantastic band to see live, it was just unreal, they were very very good in what they were doing. I even got the setlist and here's what it looked like:
Simian Cattle
Cosmic Migration

Abigail Williams I wont even mention because me and my friends we went outside and missed a majority of their set 'cuz it wasn't really our forte. But we went back in, and they still weren't my cup of tea to be honest.

Now on to the grand finale, GOD DETHRONED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rocker::rocker: This was the band everyone had been waiting to see and they put on a great fuckin' set. I met Henke, Susan, and Mike and they were all very very nice, and I told them it was my birthday so they wished me an early happy birthday. Here's what their set looked like:
Under a Darkening Sky:rocker:
Serpent King:rocker
Soul Sweeper
Hating Life
No Man's Land
The Execution Protocol
Drowning in Mud
War Cult
Poison Fog
Boiling Blood
The Lair of the White Worm:rocker::rocker:
Villa Vampira

Before Villa Vampira, Henri had announced that they'd be coming back with Overkill and Vader in April :D:D:D. After the show, I got a picture with Henri Sattler, he was a very nice guy and I told him that this show was the day before my birthday and he wished me a happy early birthday. Even Henke at one point had grabbed my watch and said "45 minutes". They were soo nice.

10-14-2009, 03:18 AM
Repent (even though the set had read Beatus, but it was replaced with Repent)

Augury has no song called Repent, by the way.

Anyway, glad you liked them!

10-14-2009, 09:09 AM
Whoops Sorry about that, ill fix that up right now.

10-14-2009, 12:17 PM
Thank you, finally someone posts the setlist! I've wanted this since the tour started, since I'm seeing them on Saturday. I'm so upset now that I'm not seeing them tomorrow in Hartford, or Friday in NYC, now, though, since I'd love to get the headlining set. They'll probably get a fucked up set length on Saturday because of the other bands playing :mad:

Yay for:
-Serpent King & The Execution Protocol (my two favorite tracks. I hope they play atleast one of these Saturday if they don't have long enough time to fit both in)
-Hating Life (Best song off of The Toxic Touch)
-Boiling Blood! 3 Bloody Blasphemy tracks makes me a happy metalhead.
-Tour with Vader and Overkill!

Boo for:
-Villa Vampiria being the only track off of Ravenous. When I interviewed him, Henri said he'd like to try playing The Poison Apple again, so I was sort of hoping they'd play that.
-The absence of God Dethroned (or anything else from The Christhunt)
-Nothing from The Grand Grimoire
-The title track off Passiondale not being there. Easily my favorite track off the album.
-Probably not seeing the full set on Saturday :bouville::bouville: