View Full Version : In Flames -- Philadelphia, PA -- October 4th, 2009

10-04-2009, 09:56 PM
In Flames
1.Cloud Connected
2.Embody The Invisible :rocker:

3.Pinball Map :rocker:
4.Delights And Angers

6.Square Nothing :rocker:
7.The Hive :rocker:
8.Drifter :rocker:
9.Clayman :rocker:

10.Come Clarity
13.The Mirror's Truth

14.The Quiet Place
15.Take This Life
16.My Sweet Shadow

Same set list as the rest of the USA tour, OFTW in Boston was a 1 night thing apparently. Still a much better set than last years tour.

The PA got blown out during the breakdown of Pinball Map and there was like a 15 min delay, followed by things like Anders trying to play drums, everyone chanting for daniel to do a drum solo, chanting to make peter chug a beer, and Anders telling everyone to shutup so they can do an acoustic set.

After that everything was good and it was a great show, the Trocadero is a sick venue.