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10-04-2009, 06:49 PM
Got to fly into DC for a visit with a friend of mine and we caught two good shows back to back at the 9:30 club. Motorhead on the 8th. Matt Sorum's first show filling in and it was great. Same set as the others, sounded good, Lemmy was great crowd was way into it...
Now onto the Cult...I have seen these guys several time the last 15+ years and they are hit and miss....this was in between. The show was billed as the "Love" show and all the hits...not sure who the "hits" selection was handed over to but it should have been longer and contained more Hits...
stage was pretty bare...no real wall of amps like the old days..and just a huge screen center stage that would play video footage that more or less linked it to the song's theme.
The band sounded great, even Ian's voice. The performance was kind of boring in the sense they all just stand there. Ian on his carpet and Billy at times will walk to the other side of the stage and behind his amp to yell at his guitar tech. why I couldn't tell ya, that just seems to be a ritual at Cult shows. The rest of the band are guys I had not seen before and do not know names. They pulled off their parts well and were just kind of there, not wanting to out move Ian and Billy perhaps.
The one thing that was annoying about the show was Ian's near constant ripping on the audience about not being into "Jock rock" and Jock like moves (?):eyes: he was mad people down front would high 5 if a songs they liked kicked in and certain other dances, slamming, yelling out songs, watching MTV etc were all considered Jock crap by Ian. He proceeded to tell us many times they were not a jock rock band... hate to break it to him but in the late 80's once they changed their sound to the more rock tones of "Electric" that is pretty much the audience that gravitated to them...yeah they still had their older fans but the gold albums came from the great number of people who saw them on MTV and drove around friday nights playing their "5150" and "Whitesnake" cassettes...
so while the songs were cool the in between stuff was a bit lame. do not recall the opening band as they were fairly generic and I lost interest after the second song.

Cult's Set
the love album:
1. Nirvana
2.Big Neon Glitter
4.Brother Wolf Sister Moon
6.Phoenix :rocker:
7.Hollow Man
9. She Sells Sanctuary
10. Black Angel.

ten minute break..

11. Electric Ocean
12. Wildflower
13. Sun King:blaze:
14. Rise
15. Dirty Little Rock Star
16. Fire Woman
17. Love Removal Machine

Strobic Axe
10-06-2009, 07:23 AM
Ian needs to relax, although I think berating the audience at every show might have become a schtick (is that how you spell it?).
I saw this tour in Toronto & he was all over anyone who wasn't going apeshit for every song, even snoozers like Brother Wolf, Sister Moon. It was so off-base (90% of the crowd was up for most of the show) that I figured it was pre-planned banter.