View Full Version : Down -- Rochester, NY -- September 16th, 2009

09-17-2009, 01:45 PM
Venue: Main Street Armory
Openers: Weed Eater, The Melvins

Evil Army was on the bill but didn't show up, don't really know why. Weed Eater was alright, nothing that special. I don't care for The Melvins and sitting through them was a chore but after they went off the stage it was time for some fucking DOWN! I wish this tour would have been another "Evening with Down" tour, as it would have been Down and only Down and they'd have played more songs, but it was still an AMAZING show. I definitely missed Rex as well, but what can you do? The man has to recover from his illness. The band sounded damn near perfect and the audience thrashed for the entire during of Down's set, even during Nothing in Return and Stone the Crow. The venue was also pretty cool.... I had never been there before and upon arrival I expected to see a small club but was surprised to see a HUGE building that looked like a cross between a medieval castle and a church. When I got inside I felt like I was walking into an airplane hangar.... the sheer amount of floor was ridiculous.... the building is definitely an arena, not a club. Anyway, here's the setlist. Down was the SHIT

-Eyes of the South
-Lysergik Funeral Procession
-The Path
-New Orleans is a Dying Whore
-Pillars of Eternity
-Losing All
-Ghosts Along The Mississippi
-Nothing In Return
-Hail The Leaf
-Stone The Crow
-Bury Me In Smoke