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09-03-2009, 09:55 AM
Got to catch a great show at Center Stage in Atlanta. Don't have a setlist for the opening acts Evil Army or Weedeater.
Evil Army was in the line of old school thrash. Phil spent their entire set sitting stage left near the Guitarist/Lead singer. every once in a while he'd jump in and sing a chorus with them. Getting the crowd in them from his kneeling spot...was cool to see him into. I remember them opening with 'Evil Army" and at some point played a new song called "Under Attack"
Weedeater played a good tight set after a long setup. With so little room onstage the drummer had hard time getting set right. When they did get rolling they kept the songs close together and rolled into each one at a good pace. seeing these guys headline in a club, at times they will just stand there letting the gear feedback while drinking and waiting to get to the next song..cool once in a while but after every song it gets old..:D Crowd really got into them. I know they played "God luck and Good Speed" as well as "Weedmonkey"....like Phil during Evil Army, Pepper came out and sat behind the bass/lead singer and watched. Often he would offer Pep either a PBR beer of one of the few whiskey bottles he had next to him, which Pepper would laugh and wave off..pretty funny how much this guy drinks during a half hour set...
The Melvins were awesome. The two drummer thing is usually lame but with the Melvins it is amazing to watch. They played a heavy unrelenting set. Buzzo was a bit more talkative the normal. He seemed really happy to be on the tour.
not sure of the complete set since they tend to blend songs together and jam..here are some songs they did do. not all in order....
1. into feedback / jam into Talking Horse
2. Kicking Machine
3. Billy Fish
4. Dog Island
5. Blood Witch
6. Anaconda (rare old one):rocker:
7. The Bit
There were a few more songs..but nothing from The Stoner Witch, Ozma or Houdini albums.

Down came out with a lot of energy and a wall of sound. Cool light show. simple but fit the songs. Phil loves turning lights on the crowd and getting people to sing, banging heads and seeings horns in the air..was great to see they were now playing though all Orange gear...very heavy deep sound..Phil had a cold but managed to sing great but when talking between songs you could tell he had little voice left. Rex was still missing but the fill in guy played ok. he managed to hold his end down. looked a bit outta place here and there.
I was surprised how much they played from the first album. having seen them several time over the past 5 years they do tend to change a bunch of their set around. couple songs I would have liked to heard Like temptations Wings but hard to complain. The order isn't exact. I know the first few are right. they did close the show with Nothing. What I am not sure about is the first encore song. I know they were running out of time and asked the crowd do they want 2 or 3 songs. they did 3. after which Phil came out alone to sing some random Zeppelin songs (stairway to heaven) and other things while he thanked everyone for coming etc.

1. Lysergik Funeral Procession
2. N.O.D
3. New Orleans Is A Dying Whore
4. Pillars of Eternity
5. Lifer
6. Ghost Along the Mississippi
7. The Path
8. Dog Tired
9. Losing All
10.Eyes of the South
11.Nothing In Return (Walk Away)
12.Hail The Leaf (pretty sure it was Hail)
13.Stone The Crow
14. Bury me in Smoke brought some road crew and kids out to sings and play guitar for the end of Bury...

09-03-2009, 10:34 AM
Cool show, wish it was coming by me. Would love to see Melvins, I love their last couple albums with the Big Business guys. Nice setlist from Down also.