View Full Version : Ratt -- Mohegan Sun, CT -- August 29th, 2009

08-29-2009, 09:48 PM
We arrived at 2:30 pm and waited in line for four hours until we were let in to the small arena. It seats 350 people, but we decided to stand up in front of the stage, on Warren DeMartini’s side. Ratt came on a few minutes after 8:00 and played for about 1:45. The guitar licks between Carlo Cavazo (formerly of Quiet Riot Mental Health fame) and DeMartini were excellent. They seemed like they had been playing together for years. De Martini stole the show with his customary electric riffs. During one of the best riffs of all time (Lay it Down), DeMartini’s guitar failed him, and so Cavazo filled in nicely for him. Robbie Crane on bass and Bobby Blotzer on the skins provided a tight, solid rhythm section. Steven Pearcy was okay, he didn’t sing that much, instead bringing the audience into the show. Pearcy was quite the showman, as we were two people deep to the stage. Pearcy towered over us, slapping our hands, giving us knuckles. Pearcy danced around the stage, sporting his “I Love Nymphos” t-shirt, with his spiked leather belt and his “RATT” silver belt buckle holding up his faded, ripped up jeans (which appeared as though he purchased in 1984). Yeah, I was close enough to touch Pearcy and DeMartini, I even grabbed DeMartini’s popped guitar string while he was still playing "Body Talk". Pretty freakin awesome!!! Pearcy gave me a sweaty high five at the end and that sealed off a great night! :party:

Tell the World
I Want a Woman
Nobody Rides for Free
Lay it Down:rocker:
You’re in Love
Way Cool Jr.
Body Talk:drool::punk:
Wanted Man:allan:
You’re in Trouble
In Your Direction
She Wants Money
Lack of Communication
Back for More:nutkick:
Morning After
I’m Insane
Scene of the Crime
Round and Round:shred:

Did I forget to mention that this was a FREE show put on by Mohegan Sun?
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