View Full Version : Primal Fear -- Sao Paulo, Brazil -- August 9th, 2009

08-23-2009, 01:57 PM
Source: http://www.setlist.fm

I saw Mat's South American tour report and decided to look up the set list they've been doing since they're doing some US shows in a few weeks.

02.Under the Radar
03.Battalions of Hate
05.Nuclear Fire
06.Six Times Dead
07.Angel In Black
08.Drum Solo
09.Seven Seals
10.Sign of Fear
11.Fighting the Darkness
12.Guitar Solo
13.Riding the Eagle
14.Final Embrace
15.Metal Is Forever
16.Hands of Time (Acoustic)
17.Running in the Dust

A few pros and cons to this set. My complaints first:
-They should be opening with Riding the Eagle. I like Under the Radar and am totally cool with them playing it, but Riding the Eagle would've made a perfect show opener.
-As usual with their sets in the past 2 years, this desperately needs at least ONE more Seven Seals track. Their best album (very agreeably among a lot of their fans), and just the title track is not enough. Demons and Angels, please.
-Anything of Black Sun or anything off Devil's Ground aside from Metal Is Forever would've been cool.

Positive comments:
-I'm thrilled that they're doing Hands of Time. In my opinion it might actually be the best song on the new record and I thought it was a definite no-go live, but alas I was fortunately wrong.
-Fighting the Darkness was my favorite song on New Religion, and again, I didn't think they'd do it.

All in all I'm getting really excited for the NYC show in a few weeks.

08-23-2009, 09:03 PM
Pretty nice set. Wish I could make it to NYC. Though I'd probably be upset if I went and they didn't play Armageddon or Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove. Suicide and Mania would be awesome, too, I think.

I'm surprised you didn't think they'd do Fighting the Darkness. When I saw them, which was before the album came out over here (but of course the video was already out), I heard plenty of people shouting for it. It was great live.