View Full Version : CKY -- Millvale, PA -- August 8th, 2009

08-09-2009, 07:03 AM
Venue:Mr. Smalls Theater
I'm the source

I had to work before this show so i arrived a little late and missed the whole first band's set. I got there in the middle of ASG's set. I really liked these guys. They sounded like Mastodon meets Clutch, it was sick.

Next band up was the sweedish rock four-piece Graveyard. Supposedly these guys were doing double duty tonight playing a show somewhere in the strip district after the CKY show. These guys were more mellow than I expected, definately sensed a huge Zeppeplin influence but with more slower melodies and more foreign band members.

Finally CKY came on to some Michael Jackson song and went right into a blistering 19 song setlist. Chad kept playing shitty dance music whenever people weren't cheering or chanting "cky" in between songs. He also flipped out on some idiots crowd surfing and crashing down on the rail riders without warning. Anyways here's the set:

Escape From Hellview
Sink Into The Underground
Human Drive in Hi-Fi
Rio Bravo
Dressed in Decay
Imaginary Threats
Flesh Into Gear
Rats in The Infirmary
96 Quite Bitter Beings
Sara's Mask
Lost in a Contraption
Shock and Terror
Attahced At the Hip
Disengage the Simulator

To All of You
The Boardwalk Body
Inhuman Creation Station
Close Yet Far

Side notes-they were going to play the Frenetic Amnesic/Plastic Plan medley but then Jess had some drum problems and they played attached at the hip and disengage the simulator instead. only one song from an answer can be found??? not a bad setlist but not the best, otherwise an amazing show as always. cheers to our bros from across the state

08-09-2009, 01:38 PM
Not the best setlist? They always pull out the longest ones for PA shows.
Thanks for posting this though. I'm hoping to catch them if they make another round in the US for the new album.

08-10-2009, 01:34 AM
Not too shabby of a set. You really never know what to expect from these guys. I think it's great that the set list is never predictable. And although they just released an album, they hardly play anything off of it (Carver city is a killer album IMO)

really like the vol 1 stuff like sara's mask,too all of you (perfect 'bitch flip' song for chad):rocker:, contraption:rocker:. Shippensburg is epic. Always wanted to hear that live.

I went to the hollywood show of this tour. got to hear some gems like fat fuck, bite it you scum,plastic plan/way you lived.

08-10-2009, 08:54 AM
I went to this for Graveyard. And yes, they played a midnight show at a place called Kropec's on Penn Ave. which I sadly was unable to catch.