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08-08-2009, 10:03 PM
I got the setlist from personal attendance.

01. A Nightmare to Remember
02. A Rite of Passage
03. Misunderstood
04. Erotomania
05. Voices
06. Forsaken
07. Keyboard Solo
08. Sacrificed Sons
09. As I Am
10. The Count of Tuscany


Well, this is the first of 2 Dream Theater shows I will be at this year. Tomorrow being the other one. I must say, all in all, I had a great time. First of all, this was my first time at the Brookhaven Amphitheatre, and having just been there, I wish more shows would come there. The sound was beautiful, and the staff is very friendly and approachable. Not to mention that the venue is huge. It's built on a large hill, and more than half of it is Genral Admission Lawn Seating. The slope of the hill is intense, but it makes for a good spot no matter where you stand.

Now, for the show. Scale the Summit were really great. I had only heard their music briefly beforehand, but they sounded great, and I'm happy that I'ms eeing them tomorrow.

Bigelf was absolutely incredible. My friend and I met them at the merch booth before Zappa hit the stage. As it's been said, watching them is like watching a band from the 70's.

Zappa was great, but about an hour into it or so, I got incredibly bored, so my friend and I decided to walka round, and ended up at the top of the hill, so we decided to roll down it. It was painful but very worth it.

So the moment arrives, and the psycho song plays. I'm assuming that those around me hadn't seen DT on their last tour, because we were the only ones getting really pumped when it came on. The band wasted no time (cool that the curtain falls on the first chord of A Nightmare to Rememer), and were in top form. The only bad part really was Mike portnoy's vocal part towards the end of the song, which sounded more like a failed attempt at Opeth vocals tonight. my friends and I burst into laughter at that point, but the song was great anyway. A Rite of Passage was next and was really great live. next was a huge surprise for me as I had no diea it was even being done on this tour, but Misunderstood's first chord rang out, and we went nuts. Awesome live song. The rest of the set was awesome, including the keyboard solo. I wasn't crazy about Forsaken being played, but it's a fun live song, I must admit. As I am was also another surprise for me, and though I had seen it last year, it got me really pumped.

The Count of Tuscany was as amazing live as everyone says it is. There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, aside from, "wow".

After the show, we went back to the top of the hill to roll down it again. This time I made it all the way down and got pretty hurt on the landing, but I'm okay. After the show we stopped at a Taco Bell down the street only to run into Bigelf yet again. The dining roomw as clsoed at this point, and we offered to take them through the drive thru in our car, but they ended up going somewhere else. Oh well. They were really cool guys, nonetheless.

Overall, best parts of the night were Misunderstood, meeting Bigelf, and rolling down a hill.

Hopefully I'll actually get to see Prophets of War tomorrow. Despite the seeimingly general opinion that the song is shit, I happe to really like it, so we'll see.

08-09-2009, 05:07 PM
Cool review. It's nice to see Misunderstood in there. I'm hoping after the prog nation tour is done that maybe they'll do a second North American tour and play a little longer and possible come to my town like they did in '07.