View Full Version : Summer Rock Fest 2009 -- West Springfield, VA -- August 7th, 2009

08-07-2009, 08:00 AM
At Jaxx The Summer Rock Fest 2009 was Sister Sin, Bullet Boys, Faster Pussycat, and Bang Tango.

I wanted to see Bullet Boys and Bang Tango. Faster Pussycat puts on an OK show, but I'm really not pumped about them. Seemed like a pretty small crowd (as unfortunately expected). I wonder how they were at Ram's Head...
Got there after Sister Sin's set, but the chick was hot and they manned the merch booth. Kinda wanted to see/hear em. Maybe next time. I saw Marq Torien tune his guitar and was getting pumped for Bullet Boys! Surprisingly they didn't have their new CD for sale, which made 0 sense.

They came on shortly after, and the sound was a bit muddled. About 1/2 way thru the guitar and vox were a lot crisper, but the guitar could stand being turned up a bit more. Marq's a great performer, despite whatever personal issues he has. He puts on his best for the crowd, IMO.

The black curtain went up a bit after, and that meant Faster Pussycat came on next. I was wondering how many songs they'd play that I knew. They put on an OK show, but I was not too enthused about them. My friend is a bigger FP fan. It seemed like their setlist was similar to their new live album Front Row For the Donkey Show (http://www.amazon.com/Front-Donkey-Show-Faster-Pussycat/dp/B002AOWXPY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1249655117&sr=8-1). They were decent, but not as good as Bullet Boys.

Eventually, past midnight, Bang Tango aka Joe Leste with Bullet Boy's band aka Joe Tango. Played a very short set and mostly covers :/ I really woulda preferred more Bang Tango or even Beautiful Creatures material. UFO cover was pleasant surprise, but I really wanted to hear some Bang Tango. If I wanted to hear AC/DC I woulda stayed home. Joe sounded his good ol' raspy self, but I wanted more BT!!! Most of the people from the other bands came on stage and joined in from like Highway to Hell on to the end. Kind of too many people on the stage IMO.

Overall a good show, but I've seen each of these bands perform better on different occasions.

Sister Sin
missed their set

Bullet Boys

? (I didn't recognize the first song)
Hard as a Rock
Tell Your Daughter
Hell on My Heels
Road to Nowhere (new song, not the Ozzy one)
Kissin' Kitty
Smooth Up in Ya

Order of songs is a bit mixed up near the middle

Faster Pussycat

The Power and The Glory Hole
Where There's a Whip There's a Way
House of Pain (w/Marq Torien)
Slip of the Tongue
Sex Drugs & Rock & Roll
Shut Up and Fuck
Bathroom Wall
Number 1 with a Bullet

Bang Tango

20th Century Boy (cover)
Dressed Up Vamp
Highway to Hell (cover)
Tush (cover)
Lights Out (cover) w/Marq Torien
Love Injection
Someone Like You