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08-06-2009, 12:09 AM
Nice little post-rock / post-metal show. I use the word "little" because of the size of the venue (a bar in Kent, OH called The Robin Hood) and the crowd (maybe thirty or so), but the sound was anything but little. But, I digress. Here is the setlist for Gifts:

City Lights Scraped the Sky
Thawed Horizon
Trieste :rocker:

Met these guys after their set. All of them were really friendly, stand-up dudes - especially Andrew, who talked to us at length about the different bands they've toured with in the past, many of which are among my favorites (Grayceon, Irepress, Caspian, Constants, etc.). I was really impressed with their truly organic setup, which included some home-made light cabinets and an extensive home-made keyboard / sampler / miscellaneous effects board which two of the guys played from opposite sides simultaneously throughout the show. The venue itself wasn't as friendly to their sound as it was to the headliner, because Gifts has more echo and reverb effects and relies more on ambience and detail than does the power-driven Trees. Still, their set was quite good (and LOUD).

Then came Akron, Ohio's own If These Trees Could Talk. Their set list was:

From Roots to Needles
What's in the Ground Belongs to You :rocker:
Malabar Front
Smoke Stacks
The Sun Is in the North
Thirty-Six Silos
Signal Tree
Above the Earth
Below the Sky

As I mentioned above, the venue itself was less relevant for these guys, as their sound is more driven by drums and thick, crunchy bass. Don't get me wrong - they have not one, not two, but three guitar players to round out their wall of sound, but there are little to no electronics to get lost in the mix as is the case with Gifts. At any rate, these guys crushed. Their set was top notch, and everybody in the place was nodding along heavily the whole time. If you've never seen these guys live, you should (and the same goes for Gifts).

I bought the new album (CD) from Gifts, and both the new album and the self-titled album (CD) from Trees. These three CD's and the cover charge cost me thirty bucks, and I had a blast. THAT's why I love indie metal, baby!


08-06-2009, 09:14 AM
They played together at the Dayton Dirt Collective but I missed it. Seriously, dude. 8/22: Overmars and Battlefields. Do it.

08-06-2009, 04:10 PM
I wanna see If These Trees Could Talk so bad but they usually only tour Ohio/surrounding areas.

They're one of my favorite bands and I bought their new album...love it.