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07-18-2009, 12:04 AM
I first got into DevilDriver through Metal MusicChoice, and after hearing "End Of The Line" I could call myself a fan. Picked up both "The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand" and "The Last Kind Words", thought they were awesome. This being my first "new release" for these guys, I was anxious to see how they would deliver compared to the aforementioned two. I was gladly met with the expectations that I had, if not a little bit higher. I feel that DevilDriver have matured a lot as a band, stemming more and more away from the generic roots of groove metal, even arguably nu-metal, the latter coming from the terrible failure that is Coal Chamber. "Pray For Villains" has a really unique sound to me, and the title track is the perfect representation of the first half of the record to me. It has a powerful, anthemic riff that just rings in your ears and stays, then goes into brutal speed and pummeling riffage. Dez' vocals have improved with each release too, and he definately has some powerful spots in this song and the record. Stand out songs to me are the title track, "Back With A Vengeance", "Resurrection Blvd.", and "Waiting For November". What I really love about this DD record is that this is the first where they really ventured into other territories than just flat out groove metal which consisted of chugging riffs and screaming vocals. I would go so far to say as that they definately took in their melodic death influences in this one, and to me that is most noticeable starting with "Forgiveness Is A Six Gun" and on. The second half of the record is the most melodic they've had, and they combine it well with appropriate harmonies and grooves. The only complaint to this melodic side is that sometimes Dez' voice can sometimes be out of place with this style, because he is still screaming at full volume. This can take some getting used to, but other than that the transition into the "mellower" material (if that's the right word) is very well done. The riffage overall is pretty much the same as "The Last Kind Words", can be very melodic, very heavy, usually is interchanged quite often. I honestly digged this record a lot upon the first listen, and after listening it to a couple more times I can safely say it's their best in my opinion. I am anxious to see them tour in support of it, and I'm also glad to say it takes a fair spot in my top albums of '09 for now. I suggest a listen to it, even if it isn't your preferred cup of tea. Ya never know :D


07-18-2009, 05:34 AM
I just listened to it. I thought it was good. Pray For Villans and Forgiveness is a Sick Gun are the best tracks on the album IMO. It was a very different release for them they tried some new things that work for the most part. Its a very unique record and i liked it quite a bit.

07-20-2009, 12:20 AM
I like it a lot except I'm not crazy about the clean vocals. Awesome album but not as good as their last one.

07-28-2009, 08:44 AM
The jury is still out for me. Not a big fan of the lyrics yet and it's missing the tenacity of Last Kind Words. The vocals are growing on me but the guitars are mixed too low for my liking. I'm thinking Last Kind Words might be their 'Master of Puppets" and this is Justice. We'll see

08-01-2009, 09:11 AM
I listened to it twice and I like it alot. The title track and Another Night in London stick out to me!

08-24-2009, 02:23 PM
Album is OK at best...first 5 songs are pretty good, then the next 3 kinda suck..."Forgiveness is a six gun" sounds like hes tryin too hard to come up with clever lyrics...extra tracks on the deluxe edition are pretty good. Sounds like they are trying to change their sound too much. Last two albums were in my top 10 of all time, this one doesnt come close

Fires Of Sedition
09-10-2009, 10:02 PM
I agree with BootScraper. The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand and The Last Kind words are much better, in my opinion. There are a few songs that I think are awesome like Pray For Villains, Pure Sincerity, Resurrection Boulevard, and Another Night In London. Teach Me To Whisper is kind of annoying to me. I don't know. Maybe I just need to listen to it more to get into it as much as I'm into the previous two releases.