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07-16-2009, 01:48 PM
This is my favorite trivium album because it perfectly blends their previously two albums together (ascendancy, and the crusade). Matt brings back the ascendancy screaming, but keeps some crusade singing as well, and the whole band blends the two albums' musical styles. I like the lyrical themes with ancient greek and asian mythology too.

kirisute gomen: great opener. slow start, but quickly kicks into a great galloping riff. A great opener for any concert (but not as good as rain as an opener) 9.5/10

torn between scylla and charybdis: a long song, but a great one. Cool riffs throughout the song. 8.5/10

down from the sky: great chorus and an amazing riff in the bridge to the chorus. Great breakdown in the middle and end. 9,5/10

into the mouth of hell we march: great chorus again. the riff right after the first chorus is amazing. great solos. 9.5/10

throes of perdition: amazing song. they play this at all their concerts now. differrent but heavy riff. Best chorus on the album, and great breakdown in the middle. 10/10

insurrectioni: my favorite song on the album. best riff on the album during the verses. a great thrash and galloping riff. another heavy breakdown in the middle. amazing drumming by travis. cool bass part in the middle with paulo. when matt screams "war" after each chorus it is simply AMAZING and raises goosebumps each time. It's a great song to cruise to. When Matt screams "war" i always gun it when i'm driving because it makes you feel like a bad ass. trust me and try it. you'll see. 10/10

the calamity: if there has to be a worst song on the album, this is it. but this is still a great song. that's how good of an album this is. it's worst song is still very good. it's not quite as heavy as the rest of the songs, but has a good chorus 8/10

He who spawned the furies: fast riffs during the verses. the 20-25 seconds immediately after the second chorus, in my opinion, is the heaviest and fastest 20-25 seconds in any trivium song. great riff in that part and good screaming. Matt has an amazing scream at the end when he says "eating me" and he and corey play a sweet breakdown type riff under it. 9/10

of promethius and the crusifex: i really like the verses in this song. fast riffs. reminds me of something of the crusade. 8.5/10

like callisto to a star in heaven: my second favorite song. i wish they would play this live. it has two amazing riffs. one during the verse and the other during the bridge. another great chorus sang by Matt. another cool breakdown. 10/10

shogun- a descent closer to this epic album. i wish i could have bee a little better though. it's still good though. 8/10