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07-15-2009, 09:24 PM
This was my third time seeing Priest, and whenever i see them they just keep topping the last one. We started out the evening tailgating in which we blasted Warlock, GWAR, and Alestorm, and had a fright from the security guys when they came over. My brothers are underage so we were of coarse a little freaked out (silly american laws), but they just wanted us to use cups instead of bottles (cups arent metal fyi). Anyways we go in and in about a ten minute period the 100 bucks i brought with me disappeared. When a Sad Wings of Destiny shirt stares u in the eye, are u really going to say no to it......no....your not.

Didn't like them at all, and i have no idea what they played, but i did enjoy how the lead singer came off the stage, up the pavilion and on to the hill. I was hoping he'd do a Immortal run (watch Blashrykh on youtube to understand what i mean).

one of my all time most hated bands. And.....they lived up to it. I had pavillion seats and i actually couldnt stand them. so i took a walk up to the top of hill and layed down on the other side during what seemed to be a guitar solo that went forever. Coverdale sounded amazing, and the guys in the band know how to play, but i just hated it so much, besides one song. At one point my friends looked up to see if they could see me from the pavillion, and they told me the actually did, cause i was the only one at the top of the hill with my arms crossed looking unimpressed. There setlist was the same as others posted.

Judas Priest
How i love them so. How they came into Rapid Fire was exhilerating. The entire British Steel part of the set, was really good, and they just zoomed through it. My favourite from that portion of the set had to be You Dont Have To Be Old To Be Wise or Rage. Steeler was also fantastically done. Than came the part which i was really wondering about. I feared they would play nothing but extremely popular songs, after this part. Turns out...they didn't which made me extremely happy. Just that opening riff of the Ripper was like :eek:. Than going into Prophecy was awesome with the glowing Nostradamus backdrop. It was so menacing. I thought the Electric Eye backdrop was menacing but this takes the cake. During this song is when i thought Halford was really enjoying himself, he just seemed to be more into it. The lighting for Victim of Changes was just phenomenal, really set the atmosphere great, and Halford hit all the high notes for that song. When it came time for the encore, Halford comes out on the bike and your thinking this is going to be Hell Bent For Leather. And thats what i thought at first, than for a split second i thought it was something of Point Entry, than i thought it was Eat Me Alive, only to realize when he started sing the lyrics it was FREEWHEEL BURNING! That was a complete shocker, as im sure it is to anyone who went. What i enjoyed the most is how the songs they did play afterward the British Steel portion werent Painkiller, Electric Eye, Hell Bent For Leather etc. I always enjoy it when bands switch up the material. In all i give the show 7/10, but thats only because Judas Priest is 11/10 and makes up for how bad Popevil and Whitesnake where to me.

-Rapid Fire
-Metal Gods
-Breaking The Law
-You Donít Have To Be Old To Be Wise
-Living After Midnight
-The Rage
-The Ripper
-Hell Patrol
-Victim of Changes
-Freewheel Burning
-Diamonds and Rust
- Youíve Got Another Thing Coming

07-15-2009, 10:05 PM
The Ripper is an extremely popular song, at least from Sad Wings of Destiny.

07-15-2009, 10:11 PM
The Ripper is an extremely popular song, at least from Sad Wings of Destiny.

but Sad Wings of Destiny in general is not a popular Judas Priest album amongst the average Judas Priest fan (die hards however love it).

07-16-2009, 05:10 AM
When they drop You've got another thing coming I'll be happy as shit. End the show with something epic like Beyond the Realms of Death or shock the shit outta people with Island of Domination. As soon as I hear the opening riff for ygatc I'm out the door. 10 minutes of crowd sing-a-longs is so 1988

07-16-2009, 05:19 AM
They've been closing almost every show with that song since about 1988 too, other then the ripper years.

and dropping devils child to play hell patrol...I'll take it.

07-16-2009, 05:51 AM
The Ripper is an extremely popular song, at least from Sad Wings of Destiny.

You know what's a good song from that album? TYRANT!

It would be cool if they played Rocka Rolla (the song)

07-16-2009, 06:09 AM
You know what's a good song from that album? TYRANT!

I would shit myself if I heard that song live.

07-16-2009, 06:20 AM
Love Tyrant, especially the Unleashed in the East version. Hell if they have to keep it popular I'll take fukkin Green Manalishi over you've got another thing coming anyday. They could even cut out the sing-a-long shit and squeeze in Hell Bent for Leather or shock us with Delivering the goods or Evil Fantasies.

I was going to pass on this show since I just saw Priest last year but the thought of hearing The Rage, Steeler, Rapid Fire and YDHTBOTBW might get me there last minute.

Whoever booked those opening acts should be shot. Obviously they were shooting for my demographic or older but someone like UFO or Flotsam & Jetsam would have been epic compared to those clowns.