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07-10-2009, 09:39 PM
Well, tonight was interesting for sure. I think first and foremost I have to show my absolute hatred for Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, which has got to be my least favorite venue of all-time. There seems to always be problems at shows, and tonight was no exception.
First of all, part of my agenda for going to this show was to support the band Lazarus, who are an absolutely fantastic group hailing from long Island, who paid a good bit of money and drove three hours to be the direct support for this show. For weeks the plan had been 8pm doors, Lazarus, and then Over the Rainbow. At some point the venue decided to overbook the show as usual and stick one more band on the bill, on top of an already restrictive schedule. The Lazarus guys were a little late and as a result the venue forced them to go on first instead of second and they wound up only playing THREE fucking songs. The crowd was very responsive to them and time-wise they definitely could've managed more, but the fucking dolts that run the venue just turned off the power, turned on the PA music, and that was that. Needless to say the guys were pretty fucking upset. It's just fucking wrong that venues treat great bands like this. I see this kind of garbage on a constant basis around here and it's just disgusting. Anyway, I guess that's the end of that rant.
Lazarus Set list:
01.As the Dark So the Light
02.Bones to Dust
03.Wings of Avalon

After a shitty unnecessary support band, Over the Rainbow eventually came on at like 10:20. It was a pretty cool performance, but the venue's atrocious sound made some of it downright annoying. Particularly the keyboards, which just sounded terribly blown out. The drums were about the only thing which actually sounded relatively good. That being said, I thought Jurgen Blackmore (son of Ritchie) did a fine job with his dad's work. I've always thought Ritchie was a bit overrated (even though years ahead of his time), but nevertheless the soloing was well-replicated. Joe lynn Turner was his typical self, meaning he sounded rather good but acted rather gay on-stage. Bobby Rondinelli's drum solo was surprisingly good, and bass player Greg Smith did a lot of great singing. The set list was a bit reorganized and altered from the European one I had seen, and I was VERY pleased that they have brought in Stone Cold, as it's always been one of my favorite Rainbow songs.

01.Tarot Woman
02.Kill the King
03.Street of Dreams
04.Man on the Silver Mountain
05.Death Alley Driver
06.Eyes of the World
08.Wolf to the Moon
09.I Surrender
10.Can't Happen Here
11.Jealous Lover
12.Drum Solo
14.Long Live Rock and Roll
15.Since You've Been Gone
16.Stone Cold
17.All Night Long

07-11-2009, 05:39 AM
Crap this reminds me I forgot to do the setlist for the Ocean City show lol. Same setlist. I had a feeling they would put in Stone Cold for the U.S. crowd. That sucks about Lazarus though. My friends saw them opening for Symphony X here on LI and they said that they were awesome. And goddamn, Rondinelli's a beast. The only thing I wasn't too crazy about at my show was

1. Ocean City is lame lol. Small place, seats, and a pretty lame crowd for the most part (but the place is on a family-oriented boardwalk...). As far as I knew I was the only person of my age that was actually into the music and constantly headbanging and singing. The place did have great sound though, especially when I heard a bit of the soundcheck from outside. It almost sounded like a studio recording. I guess that also shows how professional the band is.

2. Something about Stargazer just didn't really hit me as much as I thought it would, considering it's probably my favorite Rainbow song. Probably the mix of the lame crowd and the fact that Joe Lynn's voice just really isn't fit for that song.

Overall, great performance by the band, though I would much rather see them in a better setting, like at the Stone Pony tonight.