View Full Version : Suffocation -- Blood Oath

06-26-2009, 06:53 PM
Call me crazy, but this is the first Suffocation record I have ever heard in its entirety. Not because I hated the others/was ignorant to it or any of that, but simply because I had never gotten into Suffocation and there was something about them that never really hit me. I had only heard a couple of tracks by them, and they never really struck me as amazing or anything worth following. Now this was me before. I had recently seen the posting that their new album, Blood Oath, had been streamed on Myspace in its entirety, so I decided "Let's give this listen and prove myself wrong". I listened to the first half of the record, and I stopped afterwards, for the songs sounded similar, and honestly it got a little bit boring. A couple of hours later I decided to give it another shot, and then it did grow on me quite a bit. I really enjoyed tracks like Dismal Dream, Mental Hemorrhage, Come Hell or High Priest, and Pray for Forgiveness. The songs I enjoyed the most were the fast, brutal death metal kinds of songs, I did not enjoy the slower, almost "core-ish" songs. I know some would consider it blasphemic to call some of Suffocation "core-ish", but I was talking to makethemsuffer and he explained they had a huge influence on the whole "core" scene, and I can definately see how. For me, compared to bands like Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Morbid Angel, Necrophagist, etc, these guys are underpar. Their vocalist can take some getting used to, and the tone can sound a bit muddy. I'm not hating on Suffocation, I do enjoy them and can say I like them, but I am not too big a fan. This new record is quite good though, don't get me wrong, for the only tracks I can honestly say were underpar for me were Undeserving.