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05-03-2009, 10:10 AM
Well last night was very interesting. I decided to make the trip all the way out to Rocky Point on long island to support my favorite band in the PA/NY/NJ area. This was originally supposed to be the band's CD release show for their full length debut, "Awaken", but as it turns out, it was not. The band has been in negotiations with two different labels (Century Media and Nightmare Records) and they asked the band not to release the CD yet. So I guess it's both good and bad.
I got to the venue a little before 9, right around the time the show started. The first band was Winterspell, a fairly good old school metal band, fronted by someone I was introduced to after the show... Chris Collins - the original singer of Dream Theater. This was of course back when they were still known as Majesty, but this was still a pretty cool unexpected thing. The second band was Saviour, who started their set with some great WASP-esque 80s-styled metal which was very fun, but after the first 2 or 3 songs it started to get old and stylistically worse. Either way, both openers weren't bad, better than you tend to expect from random shows. This club seemed to actually care a great bit about assembling consistent bills.
Lazarus came on around 11:30, and played their entire new album from start to finish, omitting just one song. I was extremely impressed with just about every song, the weakest being "The Death of Me", and the strongest being "Mourning Heroes" which had to be 8 minutes long if not longer, and "The Inquisitor" which was just a brilliant slab of melodic heavy metal. There were some technical difficulties in the set, but the band carried on, delivering a kickass show. At the end of the set they threw in a couple of tunes from their beloved Episode One EP which I have spun endlessly over the past year and a half. After the show I talked to all the band members for a while, a great bunch of guys indeed. This was a very awesome show and I'm glad I made the trip to see it. I strongly believe that their album will be among the top releases of 2009 for me.
For those of you who have never heard of this band:

Set list:
01.March of the _______(?)
02.As the Dark So the light
03.Bones to Dust
04.The Death of Me
05.Beneath the Surface
06.Mourning Heroes
07.The Silent Voice
09.The Inquisitor
10.The Distance
11.Wings of Avalon

05-03-2009, 10:16 AM
These guys are awesome, I saw them open up for Symphony-X at Mulcahy's, they were awesome. I am definately getting their new record when it comes out! :rocker:

P.S.- Wings of Avalon is a badass song! :horns: