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04-27-2009, 07:38 AM
Okay, this is a bit tardy but I just discovered this forum a few days ago. I saw Dragonforce in Fargo ND with Daath and Cynic supporting. I went to the show more as a social thing then anything else (went with my brother); I'm something of a Cynic fan but wasn't really familiar with Daath or Dragonforce. I wound up becoming a Dragonforce fan.

Daath, like so many other modern metal groups, would probably be a good band if they fired Cookie Monster and got a singer. They could play, and their songs seemed competently constructed. Debit points for the idiotic concert intro sequence; they seem to get dumber with every concert I attend. A poor soundmix didn't help their cause. I couldn't tell you the setlist.

Cynic was incredibly disappointing. To be fair it was probably at least in part due to an abysmal soundmix, but that wasn't all of it. The whole band seemed nervous, shaky, and unsure of themselves. They didn't even attempt to be entertaining, and the singer's confused babble between songs just made things worse. They'd probably do better playing the college circuit. Setlist was:

Nunc Fluens
The Space For This
Evolutionary Sleeper
Adam's Murmer
Celestial Voyage
The Unknown Guest
King Of Those Who Know
The Integral Birth

Dragonforce was amazing. The performance was tight and powerful, the mix was acceptable, and the singer (I don't know his name) was singing very high notes with aplomb. These guys were also incredibly entertaining. What a bunch of goofballs; you find yourself constantly craning your neck because you don't know who's going to do something totally weird next, and where. As a guitarist I found myself humbled; half this stuff I doubt I could pull off without considerable practice. Setlist was (This comes from another audience member; I wasn't familiar with any of their songs before the show):

Heroes Of Our Time
Operation Ground And Pound
Reasons To Live
Heart Of A Dragon
The Warrior Inside
Keyboard/Guitar Solo (the ONLY solo spot I've ever actually liked)
Revolution Deathsquad
Soldiers Of The Wasteland
The Last Journey Home
Strike Of The Ninja


Valley Of The Damned
Through The Fire And The Flames

All three bands were technically competent, but technical competence is not everything as Cynic amply demonstrated. Dragonforce was a bit of an education; I'd avoided listening to their music because I'd assumed that being a modern act they would feature Cookie Monster on vocals and therefore be unlistenable. I actually quite like them now; not brilliant but definitely entertaining. My biggest single complaint about the whole thing was the mix. The sound was really pretty bad for the opening acts, and just this side of acceptable for Dragonforce. They particularly had a problem keeping the vocals up in the mix. As a former pro soundman I can tell them the solution: turn it down a bit. They're running everything way too hot for the size venues they're playing. Overall this didn't ruin the show. I had a good time.

04-27-2009, 10:49 AM
Strike of the Ninja live? Oh god...it's happening. Ninja Metal. :confused: Anyway, good set otherwise..

04-27-2009, 02:46 PM
God damnit, I need a Daath setlist!

04-27-2009, 03:39 PM
God damnit, I need a Daath setlist!

Sorry, dude. I'll get ahold of my brother... maybe he has it.

04-27-2009, 04:13 PM
The hell...

One Focus song? Oh well, should still be worlds better than DragonForce..

04-27-2009, 06:35 PM
The hell...

One Focus song? Oh well, should still be worlds better than DragonForce..

I would have thought so as well... but Cynic was really a pretty lame live band. I know that will stick in some people's throats, but it's true.