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04-14-2009, 10:19 AM
w/ props etc.

Hell intro
Battle Lust---Decapitation of some popular current figure
Ham on the Bone
Lost God-----Skullfuck the Pope
Penguin Attack----Small penguins,that can be thrown, not the ones in suits
Jack the World
Black and Huge----Cuttlefish (part I)
Abyss of Woe---- Popular figure tied to a table and dissected
Back to Iraq
Krosstika-----Political Figure
Salaminizer----Drugs to be spewed onto the crowd
Fire in the Loins
Eat Steel
Have You Seen Me?----Dead babies
BDF---continuation of the dead babies, with the addition of the cuttlefish
Rock 'N Roll Never Felt So Good-----Paraplegic doll rape
Immortal Corruptor
Crack in the Egg----GorGor come
Short History of the End of the World---- GorGor fight
Sick of You--- Cuttlefish III
Slaughterama---- Hippy, Art Fag, Nazi


Pussy Planet
The Road Behind
Hell-O Medeley (GWAR Theme, Cousteau, Slutman City, Dead Dog, U Aint Shit, Rock 'N Roll Party Town, GWAR Theme)----Cuttlefish, Biledriver, Pookie

08-12-2009, 01:17 PM
-Baby Raper
-Crack in the Egg
-Eighth Lock
-The Years Without Light
-Womb With A View
-War Party
-Ham On The Bone
-Go To Hell!
-Immortal Corrupter
-Battle Lust
-Fistful of Teeth
-The Salaminizer
-Saddam A Go-Go
-Vlad The Impaler
-Have You Seen Me?
-Private Pain of Techno-Destructo
-Penguin Attack
-Death Pod
-Love Surgery
-We Kill Everything
-King Queen
-The Road Behind/Pussy Planet
-Horror of Yig
-Pure As The Arctic Snow
-Je M'Appelle J Cousteau
-Fuckin An Animal
-Meat Sandwich
-Happy Death Day

03-18-2011, 07:14 PM
War Is All We Know
Saddam A Go Go
Hail Genocide
Vlad The Impaler
Womb With A View
Ham On The Bone
Billy Badass
J. Costeau
Metal Metal Land
Dirty Filthy
King Queen
Jack The World
Immortal Corrupter
Bonesnapper (The Faces Of The Slain)
Im In Love With A Dead Dog
The Road Behind
Sick Of You
Rock N' Roll Never Felt So Good
Have You Seen Me?
Black And Huge

03-28-2011, 10:49 PM
hell intro
meat sandwhich
i hate love songs- beiber decapitated
saddam a go go
crack the egg- somekind of prop
bloody mary
lost god
damnation under god
sick of you
war party
back to iraq
bring back the bomb
death pod
antartican drinking song
happy death-day
metal metal land
lust in space
let us slay
pussy planet

04-09-2012, 05:24 PM
Gilded Lily
The Years Without Light
Murderers Muse
Let Us Slay
Bad Bad Men
Womb With A View
Vlad The Impaler
Lords and Masters
Damnation Under God
Knife In Yer Guts
Scallop Boat (Intro Only)
Pre Skool Prostitute
Immortal Corrupter
Have You Seen Me?
Gathering of Ghouls
Storm Is Coming
Happy Death Day

encore 1
Bring Back The Bomb
Filthly Flow

Encore 2-no costumes
Sick of You
Drop Drawers

10-26-2012, 08:47 PM
Marking the return of Sleazy P. Martini, more blood, and my tendency to have pipe dreams:

Crack in the Egg (Michael Jackson "got your nose"/decapitation)
The Salaminizer
Whargoul (Goo guns)
Saddam a Go Go (Father Bohab sodomized)
Bring Back the Bomb
Let Us Slay
Womb With a View (Snooki eviscerated)
Have You Seen Me? (Babies/Cuttlefish)
Hail, Genocide!
Think Ya Outta Know This (Justin Bieber tortured/shot by Sleazy)
Black and Huge
Ham on the Bone
Krosstika (Hitler eviscerated)
School's Out (Goo guns)
Horror of Yig
Rock N Roll Never Felt So Good
War is All We Know (Obama decapitated)
Sick of You (Maggot feeding)
Slaughterama (Hippie/Art Fag/Nazi Skinhead)
The Road Behind (Cuttlefish/goo guns)