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  1. Hell...
  2. Check out my band...
  3. Why not, Check Out My Band Too
  4. So my band...
  5. Shades Of Twilight full "DEMOlition" available on myspace
  6. Calling all metalheads around Philly!
  7. New Live Video
  8. Guitarist's Discussion
  9. My Band covering Maiden's Wasted Years
  10. My band - Firing Blanks
  11. Shades Of Twilight to play Nightmare Fest 2008!
  12. Anyone going to NAMM?
  13. How is the current thrash scene in LA?
  14. UK Metal Band
  15. My Latest Venture - Not a band
  16. New Shades Of Twilight Live Tracks Up
  17. Dystrophy
  18. Aberration, Florida Thrash Metal
  19. Janick Gers
  20. Attention All Whitehall muscians ( unles me and jeff are the only ones on here )
  21. Hallowed Be Thy Name
  23. Aether & Ashes
  24. hey can u guys check out this band
  25. My band covering Savatage's "Power of the Night" (ME on vocals!)
  26. The Cult of Cheese (Bonus metal song inside!)
  27. Brand New Live Video From My Band!
  28. My band covering Iron Maiden's "The Prisoner"
  29. If You're In A Band, Please Post The Name And Facebook/Twitter Link
  30. To any NYC-area members
  31. Covering "Mad World"
  32. My band doubling as a Maiden tribute!
  33. Exmortus first video.
  34. Add my band on myspace
  35. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Finally, some metal!)
  36. My first video
  37. MY band
  38. 2 New Songs...
  39. Me and my Friend Write a Sick Song
  40. Me and my friend write a sick song: 2
  41. Konquered -Brooklyn Thrash Metal
  42. My band performing Iron Maiden's "Different World"
  43. My Band - Funeral Age
  44. My band Maelstrom
  45. New Song - Recriminalization
  46. Ramshackle!
  47. Conflagration
  48. Glen Alvelais’ LD/50 is here
  49. Well I have a band too...
  50. Parasite (my cover band)
  51. LORD tap members of DIO and MEGADETH, ink new deal
  52. My band Eternal Storm
  53. New videos of my band, Funeral Age! (Tour)
  54. My bands new demo is finished
  55. Recorded doodles of heaviness
  56. Song Poll
  57. Symphonic (ish) metal - looking for feedback...
  58. Mandragora debut EP online now!
  59. Please take time to check out my friend's band...
  60. Beneath The Flesh
  61. Lac de la Lune
  62. GWAR and The Red Chord in Toronto @ Sound Academy
  63. Just Re-found This
  64. Check Out My Band, Shattered!
  65. Hey, Listen to this
  66. My guitar tracks!
  67. My Band/My Own Projects Thread
  68. Something I've been working on...
  69. My Band Leaves For Tour Wendsday!!
  70. Eternal Nightmare
  71. Ventana
  72. THIS ENDING (amon amarth side-project)
  73. Guitarists: Solos You Know
  74. Neldöreth Tour Dates
  75. Seven Kingdoms?
  76. Please vote for my sister's band
  77. Necromance 2010 - A Detailed Update
  78. Torture Harvest (Featuring James Lee)
  79. LORD - On a Night Like This (Official video clip)
  80. Check out The Sonic Electric
  81. Dime axe for sale!
  82. Support for Dark Tranquillity & Insomnium
  83. Can you fellow Metal Heads help my band out please?
  84. This Will Not End Well New EP Available Online For Free
  85. Drum Solo I played Last Night
  86. My Guitarist's Improv Solo
  87. A Compilation of Guitar Leads and Solos from Me
  88. Performance Footage of my band's newest song!
  89. My progressive metal band as well as video of me playing guitar.
  90. Vote For Your Favorite Shattered Song(s)!
  91. Faulted Creation
  92. Check Out My Friends' Progressive/Sludge Band: Non Grata
  93. Check Out My Non-Metal Drumming
  94. My New Drumset
  95. haiduk -death metal project
  96. MADROST Southern California Thrash Metal
  97. A new project is born: SHELOB with former members of Hollow Corp.
  98. Upcoming Sorrower shows in CA and AZ
  99. Post/progressive death metal, with some djenty elements. Cryptodira.
  100. Chicago area musicians needed for SAVATAGE Tribute
  101. Gorematory (True New Jersey Death Metal)
  102. My New Band: Tears Of Ash
  103. !!!Extreme 7" Wartrash!!!
  104. To the Chicago area Savatage / CIIC fans...
  105. New Drum Set Help
  106. NOVA-debute free instrumental album
  107. Gorematory cover Zombie Ritual by Death!
  108. Sorrower shows for April/May
  109. Gear/Studio/Jam Area Pics
  110. GORPHYRYAC/NEXWOMB Split 7": Out Now!!!
  111. My Recordings
  112. Extreme metal duo FLESHTHRONE
  113. Dirty Old School Prog Rock, no name yet, but hopefully I will be their vocalist soon.
  114. Indie-Pop Outfit HCL
  115. Seattle Based Deathcore Act CORPUS MORTEM
  116. Neldöreth 2012 US Tour
  117. Gorematory - Medical Execution Official Music Video
  118. For Those Who Enjoy Deathcore (such as jd) - Russian edition!
  119. Burden Me
  122. Sorrower California Dates for September
  123. Band names
  124. Prog metal with djent elements written and recorded by teenage brothers.
  125. Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse - Chicago area festival
  126. FUNERAL AGE (blackened death metal)
  127. Practice To Deceive - Melodic Thrash Metal with Grunge elements
  128. Splatter Control
  129. New song: "Something Wicked"
  130. My Prelim Winning 2011 Guitar Center Drum Off Solo
  131. Guitarists: Gear for Sale
  132. Tree - "Black Widow"
  133. My band is playing with SANCTUARY Jan 6 in Joliet, IL
  134. Clocktower
  135. Out now! FISTULA LP, RAWHIDE 7" PATAC Records
  136. Black Dog Rd. (My Blusey, Alternative, Classic Rock band)
  137. Candlelight (Featuring Maiden33!)
  138. Next GHOST IN THE RUINS show - 2/18/12
  139. Whiplash/Morbid Saint/Anvil Bitch + More Sat Jan 21 Phila, PA
  140. Writhing
  141. GHOST IN THE RUINS added to ICED EARTH in Joliet, IL
  142. Looking for a Chicago Band To Join
  143. Bands of the Calvert County MD Scene
  144. New Vinyl: Panzerbastard RAMPANT DECAY/KRUDS Fistula
  145. Wanted:Bassist - Dbeat/Crust/Kang (California)
  146. Sorrower, Arizona Deathgrind
  147. Sea of Skies, Progressive music from California
  148. Necromance - Mask of Lies (Studio Updates)
  149. Neldöreth's 2012 Saints of Blasphemy US Tour
  150. Phlegethon
  151. Autopsy On The Horizon
  152. GHOST IN THE RUINS headline show on Friday May 4
  153. At The Bill Gates (Featuring Myself and Kris Norris)
  154. FXZERO & Cryptodira: These Pretzels Are Making Us Thirstour 2012
  155. A New Dawn
  156. I want to play a show with your band!
  157. Montreal Thrash - Powered by Death
  158. Dead Dreams (My first band from 2003/2004)
  159. GHOST IN THE RUINS support RHAPSODY on June 5th
  160. Divinorum - Black/Death Metal from Seattle
  161. Sorrower, June tour dates 2012
  162. Atlas
  163. The Pugilist
  164. Act of Impalement(my brothers band)
  165. Vitandus
  166. Maverick Hunter
  167. Sorrower update
  168. My Prelim Winning Guitar Center Drum Off 2012 Drum Solo
  169. Neldöreth Unholy Communion US Tour
  170. Whiro (Drone/Doom metal)
  171. Neldöreth to Embark on Unholy Communion Tour
  172. Y.O.D.A. (You Only Die Alot) (Humorous Death Metal)
  173. Neldöreth's New Album Out Early 2013
  174. Hemispheres- Rush tribute
  175. Quick write up I did on some up and coming bands from AZ
  176. My Top Ten Favorite Songs To Play On Guitar
  177. Gorcola
  178. Dalla Nebbia (Atmospheric Black Metal)
  179. New Cryptodira song! FFO: BTBAM, Intronaut, The Contortionist, Isis, etc.
  180. Epidemic Reign Horror & Metal Reviews
  181. My Drum Cover of DTP's Supercrush!
  182. WANTED : Vocalist for traditional metal / doom band
  183. ANCIENT DREAMS - New trad doom / metal band from Chicago
  184. Joey Eppard, Jimmy Eppard and That Drummer Guy
  185. Nucleus (Death Metal)
  186. Smash Potater - In Buffet There Is No Law (Crossover thrash + death?)
  187. "Studio" Show Off...
  188. Skull Fracturing Metal Webzine
  189. Cryptodira (Progressive Death/Post Metal) Summer 2013 Tour/Last Chance To Reason show
  190. John The Drummer's Drum Covers
  191. Grethor - Blackened Death Metal from VA
  192. Shroud of Bereavement southwest U.S. dates including Denver Doom Fest
  193. Optic (Progressive Metal), for fans of Dream Theater and Opeth
  194. MDF 2014 Bands
  195. Kozeljnik
  196. Zombified: An Undead Rock Musical (Zombie Hard Rock)
  197. FUMIGATION - pest control themed death metal
  198. SEASON OF MOURNING (Progressive/Doom Metal)
  199. HandofDooms Recordings
  200. Chicago Area show - Friday Feb 7, 2014
  201. Iris - girl fronted band from San Dimas, CA
  202. New Cryptodira Tour & Music (FFO: BTBAM, TDEP, Tool, Isis, Converge, etc.)
  203. Atlas [Melodic Metal] - "Transgressions" - Florida
  204. Bodegas from Covina, CA
  205. New ANCIENT DREAMS demo streaming
  206. Sea of Deprivation
  207. sunn bro))) (drone/sludge)
  208. The best blackened crust/dark hardcore album was released and you all missed it.
  209. Beauty Of Decay (My Band)
  210. MESMUR (Funeral Doom)
  211. Basalte (Black Metal)
  212. Mahuida (Progressive Metal)
  213. Second To Sun - pretty fucking awesome post-black/hardcore/prog metal
  214. IRRITA - great math metal from Russia
  215. Smear Designs - album art, logos, merch designs, flyers, etc.
  216. Dendritic Arbor - Romantic Love
  217. Haiduk – Demonicon