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  1. SPOILER! Entire Iron Maiden Winnipeg show in 720p HD!
  2. A Manowar hate-thread at Ultimate Metal
  3. Best album covers of all time: My top 25
  4. Getting members of the fairer sex into Metal
  5. Is this a pre-order for the new Maiden album?
  6. Your favorite post-Empire Queensryche album?
  7. The Official Fall Semester 2010 Thread
  8. Roll Call For Maiden @ PNC Bank Arts Center This Sunday
  9. Question for those near St. Louis
  10. For Nat - DM Baar
  11. On a scale of 1-5, how bad is wait for you for The Final Frontier?
  12. Lebron to Miami
  13. My Blog
  14. Tales from the Rail
  15. Happy Birthday bt11763!
  16. Extra pit ticket for Maiden show in Pittsburgh on Wednesday
  17. Men's NCAA Basketball March Madness Tourney new format announced
  18. Roll Call For Maiden @ Jiffy Lube Live Next Tuesday
  19. Happy Birthday Spiral_Slave
  20. RIP George Steinbrenner
  21. Amazon Sutdent Program - Free 1 year of Amazon Prime for college students
  22. I'm Getting Married.
  23. eBay auctions
  24. Most influental Metal albums...
  25. The Final Frontier video available in 720p HD!
  26. The Official 'Now Playing' Thread Part XX
  27. Testament vs. Anthrax
  28. Happy Birthday Chyck/Lynne!
  29. Happy Birthday ChildrenOfSodom/Cameron!
  30. Obama's Approval Rating
  31. What albums are you looking forward to for 2010?
  32. Iron Maiden in Virginia 7/20
  33. Lady Gaga -- New York, NY -- July 9th, 2010
  34. Iron Maiden's Opening Music
  35. Eminem -- Oxegen, Ireland -- July 12th, 2010
  36. Insane Clown Posse -- Worcester, MA -- May 22nd, 2010
  37. Mayhem Festival, Camden, NJ - Anyone notice the lineup change?
  38. Bands You Want to See Live
  39. Wait, WHAT?
  40. So who'd be down..........
  42. The Bangles -- Williamsburg, VA -- July 25th, 2010
  43. Von.
  44. Dream Theater Tour Plans Later In The Year?
  45. Happy Birthday TonyD
  46. FULL lyrics to Satellite 15...The Final Frontier
  47. If you had a time machine...
  48. The New Ozzy Album "Scream"
  49. Two questions about USA in one thread...
  50. Free RR Summer Sampler - Cool Periphery song!
  51. Orlando to Chicago Trip Video (The Final Frontier)
  52. Metalcore and Other Forms of False Metal
  53. Augury facebook.
  54. Essential Metal Albums
  55. 2010 Best Performances (So Far)
  56. Happy birthday powerslave_85!
  57. Wrestling
  58. Question about Iron Maiden's Wacken show...
  59. Happy Birthday Bruce Dickinson!!!
  60. Forum suggestion: allow members to change thread titles.
  61. Hey Jeff
  62. Upon Request: Essential Progressive and Power Metal Albums
  63. Entire new Iron Maiden has leaked!!!
  64. Hey ravenheart!
  65. Iron Maiden, Cinderella, and Boris
  66. Way overdue, but I stumbled upon this...
  67. Essential Necro Metal Albums
  68. The Gathering of the Juggalos
  69. Should I Listen to Hell Yeah?
  70. Happy birthday to me!
  71. Your favorite bands.
  72. Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie tour
  73. Like Thrash?
  74. Are you wearing a clean pair of shorts?
  75. What to see, what to see....
  76. Guilty Pleasures?
  77. Happy Birthday Sanitarium78!
  78. Happy Birthday Indestructible!
  79. Bold statement:
  80. New Queensryche album described as cross between Rage For Order and Empire
  81. The most incredible thing you've ever seen at a show?
  82. Need MOAR Shoegaze!
  83. The feel-good hit of the year
  84. Tour for Band X (no dates)
  85. Best metal guitar tone evar?
  86. Happy Birthday Serpentine VIVIVI!
  87. Rank your favorite Death albums
  88. 666
  89. Lulzy Blabbermouth Article
  90. Happy Birthday illninoese!
  91. Vince Neil needs to be locked up for fucking LIFE!
  92. The official NFL football thread(2010-2011 season)
  93. Happy Birthday Maiden33 and Altmer7989!
  94. ATTN: Andrew or RJTurtle
  95. Mike Portnoy Leaving Dream Theater Pros VS cons
  96. When The Eagle Cries-We must NEVER FORGET!
  97. Pour Out a Little
  98. If you work for Astraeus Airlines, you might get to meet Bruce Dickinson
  99. so, the new Soundgarden single...
  100. Heaviest metal song ever recorded?
  101. Does anyone with a Sports Illustrated subscription...
  102. What got you into "harsh" vocals?
  103. Anyone here from Vegas?
  104. Your Big 4 Of every other Genre
  105. Looking for someone I can go with to the St. Paul Blind Guardian show.
  106. My new official radio thread (6-8 PM)
  107. Drummers that do Lead Vocals too?
  108. Scarlet Tear -- all-female metal band from Bahrain
  109. 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees
  110. Top ten Albums
  111. RIP Greg Giraldo
  112. Fuck Live Nation
  113. Fuck punk ethos.
  114. Glee > The Beatles
  115. Al Qaynah
  116. Best awards show EVER!
  117. Question!
  118. The REAL Anthrax is back! High quality audio of new song with Joey!
  119. Paradise Lost vs. Paradise Lost
  120. Japan rocks.
  121. Vomitory?
  122. Shows in London?
  123. What's up with that Nuclear Assault tour?
  124. Guilty Pleasure Bands
  125. Jazz Fusion Metal
  126. Attention New York Voters
  127. Modern Rock...
  128. Practically free DVDs, please take them from me
  129. Machine head?
  130. Happy Birthday Wrathchild_84!
  131. Favorite Rock Operas
  132. Anyone else disgusted with SLAYER and MEGADETH recent setlists?
  133. Best Thrash Release Of 2010?
  134. Rally to Restore Sanity
  135. Happy Birthday, Hot Turkey Ed
  136. ELECTION DAY!!!!
  137. Kenny FUCKING Powers!
  138. Directions from Japan to China
  139. Favorite band logos?
  140. Favorite Metal Ballads?
  141. Happy birthday, SIT72
  142. Happy birthday, Addie!
  143. Bad Religion -- November 9th, 2010 -- Tempe. AZ
  144. Top 12 Thrash Songs of All Time?
  145. Maiden album ranking
  146. anyone interested in going to see Epica?
  147. Is this allowed here
  148. Band Members: Who's Nice and Who's a Dick to Meet
  149. Go skiing with Maiden! Well, sort of.
  150. Summer Abroad Recommendations?
  151. 2010: Agalloch vs. Alcest
  152. Should I see Immortal live?
  153. I Just Won Tickets To See Blind Guardian!
  154. If you plan on seeing Paul Di'anno in concert, can you do me a favor?
  155. Your Top 5 Favourite Drummers
  156. Happy Birthday DethMaiden
  157. Happy Thanksgiving!
  158. new burning the masses site?
  159. The Obscura of Video Game Music
  160. $10 Off Live Nation Show PM Me
  161. Happy Birthday Derelict
  162. Um.........
  163. Help getting into Blind Guardian
  164. Top 5 holiday albums.
  165. Anybody Else Going To Either of The Maiden Shows in Florida?
  166. Bands You Have The Entire Catalogue Of
  167. Map of Metal
  168. 2011 Festivals-birth of a new era? :(
  169. I get a nod on Metalsucks and create a thread so you assholes can see it. And what?
  170. Happy Birthday EvilCheese!!
  171. Video of the Year Award
  172. Wrestling Team Song
  173. Macabre - Grim Scary Tales
  174. Are there any pre-Priest albums or songs with Halford on vocals?
  175. Hidden stuff in albums (cool Tool track)
  176. Where do you guys get most of your upcoming tour news?
  177. Band t-shirts for sale
  178. Metal And Electro
  179. Happy Birthday es156!
  180. The Great Djent Debate
  181. Festivus
  182. R.I.P. Captain Beefheart
  183. Rank Your Fav. Bands Albums
  184. Serious ear question for those frequent concert goers.
  185. Getting into age limit shows when your under age
  186. Iron Maiden - Eddie's Archive Boxset for sale
  187. CDs for Sale (possible trade)
  188. Now that 2010 is coming to its end....What was the BEST Show you went to this year?
  189. A New Level Of WOW On Craigslist
  190. Xbox Live Gamertags
  191. Periphery Live
  192. 2010 Christmas Hauls
  193. Vacation to Norway
  194. My Radio Show's 2010 Wrap Up Spectacular!
  195. Have You Ever Heard Something This Stupid?
  196. New Year's Eve Plans/New Years Resolutions
  197. 1991 Megadeth
  198. 2011 Albums You're Looking Forward To Hearing
  199. Kerrang has always sucked balls
  200. 5 Most Played Artists of 2010
  201. Black Metal Help
  202. Virtual Tour Through The Nat's mp3 Player
  203. Does Posting A Link For A Leaked Album Count As Being A Dick On Here?
  204. What Bands Have Broken Up That You Want To See Do A Reunion?
  205. Happy Birthday IrritatedTrout!
  206. Savatage CDs wanted
  207. The Official 'What Are You Doing' Thread Part IV
  208. T-Shirt Pimp Fest Extravaganza (mostly large)
  209. Contacts
  210. Looking to buy some OOP black metal CDs...
  211. Happy Birthday KerryKingsBeard
  212. CDs for Sale (Possible Trade)
  213. Damn it, Indestructible
  214. Band and Singer switcheroo
  215. How to change the word noob from under your screen name
  216. Nachtmystium Live
  217. What do you think
  218. If you could only hear ONE SONG from 'band X' ever again...
  219. The Metal Kid
  220. For Fans of Gojira
  221. Horna
  222. Soilent Green
  223. mayhem festival mountain veiw
  224. band name?
  225. Learning Guitar
  226. Black Metal History Month
  227. Beavis and Butt-head are Back!
  228. Black Metal, according to encyclopediadramatic
  229. First album?
  230. New to most of bands on Mayhem. Help out please
  231. The Official 'Now Playing' Thread Part XXI
  232. Guitar Hero RIP
  233. Happy Birthday IamTheMickster!
  234. Happy Birthday girnny777!
  235. Will you be here tomorrow to watch Iron Maiden's setlist come in live? If it happens
  236. Immortal Tickets - New York
  237. What is the deal with BLOGS on this site?
  238. !SPOILER! High quality audio bootleg of Iron Maiden's FULL Moscow show!
  239. RIP Uncle Leo
  240. Best Modern Black Metal Release
  241. Best Ozzy Era Black Sabbath Release
  242. Places to buy patches
  243. CDs for Sale - 2/21/11
  244. Iron Maiden - Eddie's Archive Box for sale - 1st press
  245. Definitive Albums
  246. Summer Metal Festivals (USA)
  247. Big 4 Debuts
  248. Swedish sludge/mathcore band KNUT
  249. FOOD POLL
  250. Pink Floyd Experience