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  1. RIP My Radio Show...
  2. Let's start a petition
  3. Why I get a "tick" when I hear riffs that sound the same.
  4. I have a problem with OPETH someone explain to me what there deal is.
  5. The Top 3 Bands You Have Seen Live The Most
  6. Recent Album Release Poll
  7. Ten Minute Plus Songs That Totally Fucking Rock
  8. Meeting Metal Musicians..any and all examples...
  9. I was on youtube earlier....
  10. NEWS: Iron Maiden reveal they have started writing NEW songs!
  11. Attention: My Radio Show Has Moved!
  12. Modern Warfare 2 Airport Massacre Video
  13. Happy Birthday SomewhereInTime72!
  14. Album Rankings - Slayer
  15. Happy birthday ADD!
  16. Watch tomorrow's Vader concert for free
  17. Favorite concert memorabilia?
  18. Vote For Your Favorite Album of 2009!
  19. Happy Birthday DethMaiden!
  20. WHITECHAPEL footage in Toronto
  21. Best Cover Songs of All Time
  22. Happy Birthday Derelict!
  23. Open-Minded Music Love Listens to All Kinds of Metal
  24. Top 5 Missed Concert Regrets
  25. Happy Birthday, EvilCheese!
  26. JFAC: Vancouver Footage Available
  27. Get Well Soon Letters for Dio
  28. songs/bands you're ashamed to admit you used to listen to..
  29. Ebay Metal CD's Cheap!
  30. RIP Chuck Schuldiner
  31. OTEP Blog - The most interesting thing I've read all year
  32. Happy Birthday es156!
  33. 2010 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees Are...
  34. Anyone Wanna join Lockerz.com?
  35. The airing of the grievances
  36. Happy Holidays To All!
  37. Christmas Hauls
  38. Feats of Strength
  39. Best Line... Worst line... of 2009
  40. Happy Birthday IrritatedTrout
  41. Noisecreep's "Artists of the 2000's"
  42. I finally get it!!!
  43. Winter Class Schedules
  44. funny Maiden animation
  45. The next big thing
  46. MetalSetlists Top 10 Albums of the Decade
  47. Incite
  48. Scion Rock Fest Roll Call!
  49. Happy birthday overkiller!
  50. iPad
  51. R.I.Ps
  52. Happy Birthday Fires Of Sedition
  53. Super Bowl: CALL IT
  54. Metal Injection's "Best of 2009"
  55. Rock & roll litmus test
  56. Heavy metal litmus test
  57. do it
  58. the real heavy metal litmus test
  59. Hip-Hop litmus test
  60. Vote for Hammerlord to win the No Label Needed contest plz :3
  61. I just found this on Rose Funeral's Wikipedia page
  62. Grindcore Help
  63. The Official 'Now Playing' Thread Part XIX
  64. Happy Birthday, Heavy Metal!
  65. Let's talk about this awkward Black Flag interview
  66. Winter Olympics
  67. Signature question
  68. Tony Martin era Sabbath
  69. Favorite sub-genre of metal?
  70. Who wants to play a game?
  71. Breakdowns that you actually LIKE
  72. Anyone Missing Old School Traditional Metal In Their Life?
  73. The Beatles never broke up
  74. Do you think Iron Maiden has gained enough USA popularity to do a full arena tour?
  75. My High School Need's Help
  76. Euro Festival Question
  77. Classical Music
  78. Why are the 2 outage announcements still stickied?
  79. Megadeth - Rust In Peace: Favorite Song?
  80. Happy Birthday Natrlhi!
  81. Anata
  82. Best & Worst Set-list Bands
  83. Pandea
  84. Opinion: Best bands of all time
  85. Anyone in the Twin Cities, MN. area planning on seeing Iron Maiden?
  86. Where can I find concert attendance figures?
  87. Oscars 2010
  88. Official Metal Setlists Yahoo Bracket Pick 'Em
  89. Where will you see it?
  90. How My Summer Was Ruined
  91. The Official Maiden Tickets/Tour Thread!
  92. Questions for an Interview I'm doing...
  93. Lets take a trip down metal Grammy lane with dearest Josho.
  94. Looking for a Computer Program
  95. Okay, okay. I'll try again.
  96. What full albums have you seen live?
  97. 2 extra tickets for Mastodon / BTBAM in Sayreville, NJ
  98. Damn! How much heat does the free Maiden forum need to take off?
  99. too many bullshit sub-genres
  100. I just discovered Pagan folk metal and I must say it's pretty sweet!
  101. Sorry if it's been posted before....
  102. Did something special happen on May 14, 2008?
  103. Iron Maiden -- London, England -- March 31st, 2010
  104. OZZFEST 2010 Press Release!!! OMFG!!!
  105. Mastodon on American Idol?!?!
  106. Internets April Fools
  107. Serious PC help, plez
  108. Corrosion of Conformity
  109. ProgRock Records $5 Sale Friday 2/4 ONLY
  110. Mayhem Presale
  111. Musical truths you've recently gleaned
  112. The Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, Wi
  113. Joey vs. John-between the 2, who is your favorite Anthrax singer?
  114. Happy birthday div
  115. I found something worse....
  116. Deadliest Warrior
  117. How does Maiden figure upcoming N.A. tour will be "most extensive"?
  118. Peace Sells: progressive record?
  119. NEMHF Set Times
  120. Iron Maiden Tribute Band at Cancer Benefit
  121. Concert Regrets
  122. The top 5 "metal" records from not-quite metal bands
  123. Confused to whether a breakdown is legitimate or scene kid fanservice?
  125. Concert Regrets
  126. Hey PowerMaiden...
  127. You know what I just realized?
  128. NBA Playoffs anyone?
  129. Stanley Cup Playoffs!
  130. Demi Lovato just got even cooler
  131. Happy Birthday mastodon421
  132. 4/20 is the Worst Holiday Ever
  133. What does your user name mean?
  134. Creators of South Park Buckle And Censor Episode
  135. Iron Maiden In The Classroom
  136. Avantasia or Skid Row? hmmph!
  137. An interesting thing to think about
  138. Whatever happened to Judas Priest performing all of Nostradamus?
  139. What bands are "Universally" liked by Metal fans?
  140. Wow! Another great year for rock and metal!
  141. Rose Funoral on Metalsucks again
  142. In Flames concert to be streamed live. I need to know the correct time.
  143. Happy Birthday PowerMaiden
  144. For those of you who follow English Premier League
  145. Powerglove
  146. The Perils of Indiana
  147. I sure wish Uriah Heep would mention the rest of the North American dates!
  148. Favorite Full-length Debut Albums?
  149. So, who's the oldest metalhead here?
  150. This shouldn't be cool, but it really fucking is
  151. Age Poll
  152. Rock N' Roll gives me a perfect SOL score
  153. Today is Star Wars Day
  154. attn: Power Metal nerds
  155. Ravenheart....
  156. The Top Ten (Active) Bands You Want to See
  157. So, this guy at my school...
  158. Top Ten Bands You Are Most Happy/Proud You've Seen
  159. Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig are gay lovers!
  160. Put the ultimate "shit" tour together.
  161. non-metal bands you like that people on here would give you shit for...
  162. Songs you hate from bands you love
  163. Best metal festival in the world
  164. Rate the song above you
  165. This Better Not Be True...
  166. Dammit Addi...
  167. Let the 30 day countdown to NEW Iron Maiden begin!
  168. RANT: I'd like to kill As I Lay Dying's tour manager! *SPOILERS*
  169. Fuck Last.Fm
  170. High def, 720p footage from As I Lay Dying's March 12 show in Minnesota
  171. People give As I Lay Dying a hard time for being Christians. Why not other bands?
  172. Finding Album Sales Figures
  173. Selling off a chunk of my music collection
  174. Tell me what you think of the KC area local bands!
  175. Your favorite Dio memories
  176. Dio Virtal Show -- TBD
  177. Dio Tribute on my Radio Show tonight!
  178. History of mosh pits? First ever?
  179. EVERYONE! Watch this NOW!
  180. GigaTribe
  181. Happy Birthday The_jman
  182. ATTN: NYC memebers. I need some help
  183. What do you think of Dredg? Please give them a listen.
  184. The Official "Post Pictures of Yourself" Thread
  185. Any talk of Carcass touring the US again?
  186. I think I have found the worst song ever
  187. Physical music collections
  188. Top 5 Albums That Changed Your Life
  189. I just found a GREAT source for Metallica setlists!
  190. Seriously, why the fuck does everyone care so much?
  191. Megyn Kelly From Fox News
  192. Need Help with Fear Factory
  193. Anyone else on this site goin to Summer Camp?
  194. Your Scene Sucks
  195. your top 10 songs from bands
  196. OMG!!! Black Sabbath with Rob Halford on vocals!!!
  197. RIP Gary Coleman
  198. Dennis Hopper has died of cancer :(
  199. You want a fucking rumor? Okay, here's a fucking rumor.
  200. Uriah Heep-David Byron vs. Bernie Shaw
  201. Happy Birthday mankvill!
  202. Spartacus Workout
  203. There must not be too many Nine Inch Nails fans on here...
  204. Help My Band Open for Kiss!
  205. The Best Judas Priest cover you'll ever hear.....
  206. Dio Virtual Memorial Show -- Tuesday, June 15th -- 8pm EST -- Official Thread
  207. Favorite Current Metal Lyrics
  208. Bands that make you want to start a band
  209. Take the Ozzy photo challenge.
  210. The official MLB baseball thread.
  211. Homemade "Compilations"
  212. The Band Kingdom of Sorrow
  213. Who the hell is that band or metalhead?
  214. Happy Slayer Day
  215. Lengths of songs on next Iron Maiden album. What do you prefer?
  216. Concert Memorabilia Thread
  217. OFFICIAL discussion thread for Iron Maiden's 2010 tour. !WARNING: SPOILERS inside!
  218. Why Can I Play With Madness is not glam rock...
  219. andrew_metalhead needs your help :)
  220. Iron Maiden Dallas review from the Dallas Observer (Spoilers)
  221. Hi everybody!
  222. World Cup Thread!
  223. Last Comic Standing
  224. To those of you complaining about Iron Maiden's 2010 setlist-something to think about
  225. What do we think about...
  226. Anybody see Beyond the Lighted Stage?
  227. Funny comics I found
  228. Happy Birthday SnakeCharmer!!
  229. It's a boy!
  230. Happy Birthday Bernie Shaw!
  231. Fandango Buy One Get One Free - expires June 16th
  232. Everyone should take this and post their score here.
  233. A Slayer Concern Of Mine....
  234. Mastadon Jonah Hex Soundtrack EP coming June 29th
  235. My Maiden 2010 road trip diary
  236. Lawrence Turnpike
  237. Why is Muse on my local metal station's concert calendar?
  238. Attn: AndrewMetalhead and Rjturtle...
  239. Who felt the earthquake?
  240. Sonisphere Torrent
  241. Rob Halford's high pitched scream is back in his new single!
  242. Presently Untitled, but whatevs
  243. Iron Maiden tour footage and interviews
  244. Rush "leaked" setlist
  245. Anybody else think the Big Four have laughed at Sepultura?
  246. Dio Tribute - Your Thoughts, please?
  247. Happy Birthday Nemesis!
  248. Happy Birthday b_halperin!
  249. DVDs and CDs I'm Selling
  250. Spang-A-Lang: Remember them Hot Turkey Ed