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  1. Evergrey lineup changes
  2. Trent says Nine Inch Nails is "not dead"
  3. ENTIRE new As I Lay Dying on their Myspace!
  4. YOB/Acrassicauda Free Scion Shows @ Atlanta and LA
  5. EPICA's second North American tour
  6. Danzig to embark on short US tour
  7. Off With Their Heads new album and summer tour
  8. R.I.P. Exivious
  9. Nocturnal Rites (Finally) Announces New Guitarist
  10. Joey Bellodonna officially back in Anthrax
  11. DEVOURMENT added to Cannibal Corpse Texas dates
  12. FYI: Warbringer is NOT opening for Sodom on May 26th
  13. BLIND GUARDIAN: New Album Title, Single Details Revealed
  14. 30 second sample of new Avenged Sevenfold song.
  15. SANCTUARY to reform for new album
  16. Possibly Bad News For Mastodon Fans
  17. IMMOLATION Announces U.S. Headlining Tour!
  18. NEW song from Trent Reznor's new project!
  19. R.I.P. DIO
  20. Hey Ohio people! You have a metalfest!
  21. Dio Vinyl box set, '85 live DVD, classic t-shirts
  22. Dio 1942-2010 R.I.P.
  23. Charred Walls of the Damned tour dates
  24. Blind Guardian - "At the Edge of Time" Tracklisting and Times
  25. Blackest of the Black 2010
  26. Cynic/Intronaut tour?
  27. Preview Y&T's New Album - Facemelter
  28. Isis is Finished
  29. Cynic Re-Traced/Re-Focused Tour
  30. Dio public memorial service
  31. New RUSH songs coming June 1!
  32. US Sodom shows cancelled???
  33. Boris/Russian Circles Tour?
  34. Limp Bizkit tour cancelled due to lack of ticket sales
  35. Spin magazine insults Dio
  36. Jorn to release 'Dio' tribute album
  37. Nevermore album pre-orders - box set + shirt = $25
  38. Big 4 coming to a theater near you
  39. New Fear Factory Dates Announced
  40. Slough Feg signs to Profound Lore Records
  41. We must ALL listen to Bruce Dickinson's final radio show-Tribute to DIO!
  42. Nevermore Tour
  43. Goatwhore/Revocation US Tour
  44. Hammerlord "Wolves At War's End" streaming online
  45. Kiss US Dates
  46. Project featuring Mikael Akerfeldt, Mike Portnoy, and Steve Wilson
  47. Destroyer 666 Summer tour
  48. Beyond The Scar playing Camden Mayhem Festival!!!
  49. Sonisphere Festival - This is just ridicoulous!
  50. Slipknot Bassist Paul Gray found dead
  51. Jungle Rot Tour
  52. Mastodon Cancels Summer Tour
  53. Mushroomhead tour dates
  54. ShipRocked 2010
  55. Slipknot Conference On Death of Paul Gray
  56. Hypodermic Needle, Bottle Of Pills Found In PAUL GRAY's Hotel Room
  57. Thrash and Burn 2010
  58. Ronnie James Dio "Stand Up And Shout" Memorial Concerts
  59. Metal Hammer Releasing AC/DC Covers Album
  60. Dio memorial at Tuska Open-Air
  61. Aerosmith US/Canada tour
  62. Possible Exodus Tour?
  63. Dio Tribute Concert - Florida
  64. ALL THAT REMAINS Putting Finishing Touches On New Album Recordings - May 30, 2010
  65. ARMS OF THE SUN - a.k.a Rex Brown WTF are you doing?!
  66. Mastodon Are NOT Breaking Up!
  67. Black Label Society 'Berzerkus 2010' tour w/ Children of Bodom & Clutch
  68. Origin NA Tour
  69. ENTIRE How To Destroy Angels EP available for FREE!(Trent Reznor's new project)
  70. Toundra 2x12" (Mastodon, KYUSS, Russian Circles)
  71. Landmine Marathon Tour
  72. AUTOPSY fully back/ABSCESS split up
  73. ProgPower USA lifts Camera-ban policy
  74. Exodus NA Tour
  75. Y&T Tour Dates US and Europe
  76. GODSMACK fall US tour
  77. hey cameron: Demon Hunter US Dates
  78. New Disturbed song coming June 15. Here's a preview of it.
  79. RJD Memorial Package for Stand Up And Shout Fund
  80. New 2 day countdown just added to Iron Maiden's site
  81. Sweet news bout Cannibal Corpse
  82. Update on Dimmu Borgir's new album
  83. Triptykon/Nachtmystium US Tour?
  84. Devildriver/Kataklysm
  85. Kerasphorus is no more
  86. Death Metal Darkness Tour 2010 Dates
  87. Apollo Papathanasio joins Spiritual Beggars
  88. Black Cobra Tour
  89. Municipal Waste Midwest Tour Dates
  90. Ralf Scheepers solo album early 2011
  91. Sleep US Tour
  92. Vektor US Tour 2010
  93. EXODUS Announces First-Ever Australian/New Zealand Headlining Tour
  94. Damnation Festival 2010
  95. Hotlanta: Forward to the Apocalypse Fest
  96. Interviews for your reading pleasure!
  97. DT to play Destroyer on Maiden tour?
  98. Black Label Society - Order of the Black
  99. Heaven & Hell members to play Dio tribute in London
  100. Ozzfest- UK Version
  101. Killing Kansas Metal Fest ^_^
  102. Bane/Trapped Under Ice Tour
  103. 'The Power Of The Riff' Festival
  104. METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX: The First 'Big Four' Photo
  105. SLAYER: 'World Painted Blood' Video Released
  106. Rites of Darkness II
  107. CORONER To Reunite For Appearance At Next Year's HELLFEST?
  108. Shaitan Mazar
  109. COC "Animosity lineup" West Coast "tour"
  110. Ozzy on Jimmy Kimmel
  111. BEHEMOTH to tour U.S. with WATAIN in November
  112. Avenged Sevenfold: Album Update Tracklist revealed
  113. Oakland Fest-thingy
  114. Devin Townsend Headlining Tour
  115. Slayer Pinball?
  116. Static-X R.I.P.
  117. Clutch Acoustic EP
  118. Dave Mustaine performs with Metallica
  119. Disturbed US Tour
  120. Proclamation/Black Witchery US tour
  121. Coheed and Cambria/Porcupine Tree/The Dear Hunter Tour?
  122. Deftones/Baroness US Tour
  123. MEGADETH 'Rust In Peace Live' DVD/CD
  124. Morbid Angel begins recording a New Album
  125. Power Of The Riff
  126. Blind Guardian Album Samples!!
  127. New Hawkwind album in August
  128. New Halford Song
  129. Palldia HD has some metal related shows on tonight
  130. BIG 4 Sonisphere Set Pro-Shot
  131. Free and legal download for stoner, doom and sludge lovers
  132. New GWAR DVD
  133. Nergal isn't going to prison!
  134. Man's Gin completes debut record, free mp3 available
  135. Cryptopsy - Studio Recording
  136. Maryland Deathfest IX - May 27th - May 29th, 2011
  137. 22/8 -The Wounded Kings, Grave Miasma, Craven Idol, Pombagira @London, UK
  138. Can You Say Mismatched Euro Tour?
  139. Dimmu Borgir Announcement Tomorrow?
  140. Mystery countdown added to Dimmu Borgir's Myspace
  141. Mutiny Within Drummer, Bill Fore, Out Of The Band?
  142. Anthrax Added To Second Leg Of Carnage Tour?
  144. Linkin Park-New album title and release date
  145. Triptykon/1349/Withered to tour US?
  146. The Final Frontier Video to Premier Next Week
  147. Anubis Unbound CD Release Party tonight
  148. Torche US Dates
  149. Slayer: Live Intrusion coming out on DVD
  150. American Carnage 2nd Leg Info!!! Megadeth Slayer Anthrax dates!!!
  151. New Enslaved Album
  152. BRAIN DRILL US Tour!
  153. Cattle Decapitaiton/Devourment Tour (Doesnt go to Kansas)
  154. Nachtmystium US Headlining Tour
  155. Iron Maiden: Final Frontier video and cd formats
  156. Venomous Concept NA dates
  157. Van Halen to tour in 2011 with...
  158. New Necrophagist later in the year?
  159. Apocalyptica going on tour! =D
  160. Dave Mustaine signings
  161. SepticFlesh update
  162. Incinerate cancels NA tour
  163. Release date for NEW Mushroomhead announced!
  164. Iron Maiden+Dream Theater/RUSH pit pro-shots
  165. Alice Cooper - Theater Of Death DVD
  166. Tyr One-off headlining gig in NJ
  167. brokenCYDE arrested for drugs, rape, and child porn? HAHAHAHA
  168. Helmet NA Tour
  169. Saviours NYC headlining gig
  170. Obscura recording new album
  171. Despised Icon Final Tour
  172. Opeth - In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall
  174. Shadow Gallery announce debut US show!
  175. Forbidden tour
  176. Gorod: Finished?
  177. Funerot is Breaking Up!!!
  178. New Helloween album title-tentatively due in late October
  179. Accept/King's X to tour USA?
  180. Gruesome Twosome Second Leg
  181. New Iced Earth is 2011!
  182. Dark Funeral loses vocalist
  183. 3 new Blind Guardian songs streaming on their site.
  184. Fall Tour Info on Zombie, Cooper, Murderdolls, Godsmack, 5FDP, Korn, Disturbed etc.
  185. Megadeth/Kataklysm "incident" if you can call it that
  186. Possible Anthrax Off Dates From Carnage?
  187. New GWAR Album!
  188. Sepultura and Angra to play California
  189. James LaBrie solo album coming September 28-full song available.
  190. Summer Slaughter 2010
  191. Disorder US tour dates
  192. Bullet For My Valentine US Tour
  193. Soulfly possibly ripping off The Prodigy?
  194. Soundgarden announces intimate Chicago show
  195. My interview with Eric Singer!
  196. Mushroomhead-new album artwork/track listing and full USA tour dates.
  197. The Sword Global Tour Dates
  198. Ozzy Interview - "Bruce Dickinson is a cunt"
  199. Final Frontier 30 sec. snipets of each songs !
  200. Soilwork & Death Angel Webcast - July 31st
  201. Phil Kennemore off Y&T Tour - Doctor's Orders!
  202. New Autopsy EP
  203. Canadian Carnage - Toronto shots+video
  204. Recently Single Al Gore Finally Able To Listen To WASP Albums
  205. RIP Mahk Daniels of Early Graves
  206. Steve "Zetro" Souza forms AC/DC tribute band
  207. Uriah Heep planning another USA tour
  208. Buzzov*en tour dates (aka GET IN HERE DIV)
  209. Atheist parts ways with Tony Choy
  210. Suffocation US Tour
  211. Kamelot album details
  212. Wormrot Tour Dates
  213. Gamma Ray US Tour?
  214. As I Lay Dying US Tour
  215. Firewind - Days of Defiance
  216. Clutch off dates from the Black Label Bezerkerus NA Tour
  217. Iron Age, Fuck The Facts, Fight Amp- Free Scion Shows
  218. Blind Guardian European tour dates.
  219. Gruesome Twosome Tour extended!
  220. Avantasia to tour again in 2011?
  221. Nergal Rushed to the Hospital
  222. Watain to Tour North America Despite Behemoth's Cancellation
  223. The Acacia Strain to tour with The Red Chord and Gaza?
  224. High On Fire US Tour
  225. It's Official! New Van Halen Album and tour due in 2011
  226. Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX
  227. Scion Garage Fest
  228. Rock and Shock 2010
  230. Triptykon to Release "Shatter" EP
  231. GWAR Fall Tour
  232. New Alter Bridge album!! =D
  233. Queensryche:20th anniversary of Empire to include 1st set of Building Empires tour
  234. On the road with MegadetH
  235. Suicide Silence headlinging tour
  236. Kirk Out For Ozzfest W/ Kingdom Of Sorrow
  237. New Mushroomhead song available for streaming
  238. Whitechapel Tour
  239. Big Four U.S. in the works?
  240. Arcade Fire dates, aka, hey Nick, I don't know where Alaska is relative to Canada
  241. X Japan to tour USA for first time ever
  242. Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience Tour Dates
  243. Free Scion Show:Magrudergrind
  244. Roadburn 2011
  245. Finnish Metal Tour 2: Finntroll, Ensiferum, Barren Earth, Rotten Sound
  246. Anaal Nathrakh European Dates
  247. Helmet & IntrOnaut
  248. The Final Frontier to debut at #3 on Billboard!!!
  249. Steven Tyler to be the new American Idol Judge
  250. Unrest Fest 2010