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  1. Abigail Williams West Coast Dates
  2. Rockstar Mayhem Fest Announcement Coming 1/20
  3. Atticus Metal Tour
  4. Tom Araya "brb guys, back surgery"
  5. Suidakra North America tour dates
  6. Red Chord US Tour
  7. New SAVATAGE 3-disc compilation
  8. Devildriver/Suffocation 1/19 to be streamed online
  9. Misery Index + Magrudergrind US Tour
  10. UK Deathfest Initial Lineup
  11. Central Illinois Metalfest 2010 Lineup
  12. WASP US Dates
  13. 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise
  14. Mayhem (band) US tour?
  15. SHRINEBUILDER West Coast Tour
  16. High On Fire - Snakes for the Devine
  17. DECEASED US Tour
  18. Black Country
  19. Sodom U.S. Tour!
  20. Dio Update
  21. Wakarusa Initial Line-Up
  22. Scion II
  23. Kamelot NA Tour
  24. Coalesce/Harvey Milk US Tour
  25. Trans-Siberian Orchestra Spring Tour Announced
  26. IOMMI autobiography
  27. NAMM 2010: Report and pictures
  28. HYPOCRISY US Tour!
  29. Devildriver Live Webcast The Rave
  30. Four Orphaned Land NA Dates
  31. Uriah Heep to tour the US this summer
  32. Dark Tranquillity Headlining US Tour Off-Dates
  33. Faith No More confirmed for Coachella
  34. Otep, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Bury Your Dead, Destrophy tour
  35. Scorpions - "End of The Road"
  36. Dillinger Escape Plan Tour?
  37. Megadeth, Testament, Exodus NA Tour
  38. Mayhem US tour dates revealed!
  39. Weedeater US Tour
  40. New LoG album in 2011
  41. At The Gates DVD Signing
  42. AC/DC headlining Download Festival
  43. Gorod to record new EP
  44. Ozzy: "There will be Ozzfest 2010"
  45. Best tour of 2010
  46. Converge Axe To Fall NA Tour
  47. Les Claypool US Tour Dates
  48. American Carnage Rescheduled
  49. Soulfly NA Tour
  50. Meshuggah Live DVD
  51. attn: Atlanta and West Hollywood bitches
  52. Headliner epic fail thats been upsetting me a lot
  53. Goatwhore NA Tour - Feb / Mar 2010
  54. Trivium announce new drummer
  55. Metalocalypse selling $40,000 blood fountain
  56. Fear Factory to tour the US
  57. Big Megadeth Annoucement Tomorrow
  58. Red Sparowes announce tour dates
  59. Mayhem cancel all upcoming U.S. tour dates
  61. Mastodon talks Jonah Hex
  62. Stop Taunting Us Faith No More
  63. High On Fire US Tour
  64. Looks like there is a Cattle Decapitation tour coming up
  65. Release date and track listing for new Scorpions album, Sting In The Tail
  66. Steve Vai to cover Stairway To Heaven with WHO?
  67. Acoustic Devin Townsend show in Seattle?
  68. Rock On The Range
  69. NEMHF 12 Announced
  70. Howard Jones Forced To Leave KSE Tour, All That Remains Frontman To Step In
  71. Entombed North American Tour
  72. Central Illinois Metalfest
  73. Rob Halford trademarks "Metal God" video game
  74. California Metalfest
  75. Coheed and Cambria Tour
  76. Rumplestiltskin Grinder tour dates
  77. Rockfest 2010
  78. Jesper Stromblad leaves IN FLAMES
  79. Presenting to you: My very own metal webzine! :)
  80. Cannibal Corpse, 1349, Skeletonwitch Tour Dates
  81. AMON AMARTH Spring Tour Announced
  82. Megadeth North American Tour
  83. Iron Maiden finishes recording new album
  84. Summer Slaughter 2010 rumors
  85. James Lee leaves Origin
  86. Avenged Sevenfold has a new drummer....Mike Portnoy!
  87. Profound Lore/20 Buck Spin SXSW Showcase
  88. Revolver Golden Gods Nominees
  89. Tuska lineup
  90. Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie/KISS to tour?
  91. Big Rob Zombie tour news to be announced tomorrow
  92. Burning at the Stake Nefarious Campaign US/Canada Tour
  93. attn: new york city members
  94. Augury loses bass player
  95. Clutch announces US tour
  96. Immolation's "Majesty And Decay" streaming!
  97. Triton Power Cruise Cancelled
  98. Maiden North American dates announced next week
  99. Cattle Decapitation/Revocation Tour!
  100. Machine Head let fan play Aesthetics Of Hate
  101. Get the new God of War music for $2
  102. Mushroomhead-Feb.-May tour dates
  103. New Mutiny Within for $5
  104. Audio samples of ENTIRE new Scorpions album!
  105. Alcest "Lunar Abysses Over North America" Tour!
  106. Hypocrisy North American Tour
  107. Hey California, go to this
  108. A Couple of Reasons You Might Actually Want to Consider Bonnaroo 2010...
  109. Pestilence NA Tour
  110. Iron Maiden and Rush nominated for Juno award
  111. Ludicra announces "Decancellation tour"
  112. Maiden Announcement
  113. Possible Summer Slaughter 2010 lineup leak
  114. This is PROBABLY fake, but...
  115. Melvins/Isis Tour?
  116. Queensryche To Take Cabaret Show On The Road
  117. PORTAL NA Dates
  118. BFMV/Airbourne NA Dates \m/
  119. And The Search For New Dragonforce Singer Is Now On....
  120. Nergal might go to prison
  121. Paul Di'Anno to perform ENTIRE debut Iron Maiden album on upcoming Australian tour!
  122. Raven US Dates
  123. mc chris tour dates
  124. No Friends/Deep Sleep East Coast Tour
  125. As I Lay Dying-NEW album release date and artwork!
  126. Hawthorne Heights-NEW album release date and track listing!
  127. Faith No More Brooklyn Show
  128. Megapost: MDF Off-Dates/Tours
  129. Interview with Chuck Billy of Testament
  130. WASP New York City Show Cancelled... After Doors Opened
  131. HEAVEN & HELL updates
  132. Scion Free Shows in ATL and Hollywood feat. Death Angel & Arsis
  133. As I Lay Dying US Tour
  134. ENTIRE new Scorpions album has LEAKED!! Give opinions if you heard it.
  135. Metal Hammer to release AC/DC, Judas Preist, Black Sabbath Tribute Albums
  136. New Exodus Song: Hammer and Life
  137. KC Rockfest Details
  138. Rockstar Uproar tour?
  139. Metallica plotting 2011 tour "to rival 'The Wall' tour"
  140. Hammerfall Livestream Tonight!
  141. Remember that tour Kittie was psyched to be on?
  142. Midwest Metalfest in Milwaukee - Dying Fetus, Gorod, Misery Index, Arsis
  143. Ozzfest
  144. Soilwork/Death Angel tour?
  145. oh GREAT...
  146. Lamb Of God to play in India!!!!!
  148. High Voltage Festival (UK)
  149. How are these bands live?
  150. Heidenfest 2k10
  151. Dying Fetus NA Dates
  152. New SAINT VITUS in the next year
  153. New DAYS OF THE NEW requires fan support
  154. Rush has about 6 songs written and plans to start touring in the middle of June
  155. New Helmet!!!!
  156. POSSIBLE Evergrey US TOUR & Other Major Changes
  157. Ozzy Osbourne - Scream
  158. GWAR US Tour
  159. Refused to reunite?
  160. Toxic Holocaust Setlist for Upcoming Shows
  161. Xasthur to disband after release of new album
  162. Dark Tranquillity May Tour
  163. FATES WARNING to play three more 2010 'Parallels' US shows only
  164. NEW Serj Tankian album details revealed
  165. Scorpions announce North American tour dates
  166. NEW Ozzy song preview available
  167. Death Angel Headlining US Dates
  168. Megadeth RIP anniversary show filmed for upcoming DVD
  169. Lollapalooza 2010
  170. 3 Inches of Blood Canadian Tour
  171. The Carnival of Madness tour (Sevendust, Shinedown, etc)
  172. Tyr North American Tour
  173. Release Date of "The Final Frontier"?
  175. Deftones Texas mini tour
  176. Overkill 2nd US Leg of Killfest Tour
  177. NEW Blind Guardian album teaser
  178. New Clutch DVD
  179. An Evening With PORCUPINE TREE (+ new DVD)
  180. RUSH To Embark On 'Time Machine Tour' This Summer
  181. attn: Milwaukee bitches
  182. Thrasho De Mayo V Announced
  183. Moving Pictures in its entirety!
  184. London's Armageddon Festival AKA dude WHAT?!
  185. Dream Theater headlining dates on Maiden tour
  186. CIRCLE II CIRCLE news
  187. NEW As I Lay Dying song!
  188. Norway Hole In The Sky 2010
  189. Another Fear Factory NA Tour
  190. New Whitechapel song (lol...)
  191. Roger Waters "The Wall" 30th Anniversary Tour
  192. Billy Idol North American tour
  193. More Clutch Dates
  194. Katatonia North America tour
  195. GWAR To Hit The Road This Summer
  196. So Peter Steele might be dead...
  197. TOOL (ALBUM!) NEWS!
  198. Original SKINLESS lineup to reunite for show
  199. WITCHERY return with new singer
  200. New Audio/Video interviews
  201. Urban Breed out of Bloodbound...
  202. Doom In June - Las Vegas doom festival
  203. Decibel Hall Of Fame Tour
  204. BLACK PYRAMID Announces US Headlining Tour
  205. Kevin Shirley updates
  207. Iced Earth NA dates
  208. Alice in Chains to tour the US this fall with Mastodon & Deftones
  209. X-Jam in Wisconsin-July 21st
  210. Dudefest 2010
  211. The Cool Tour
  212. Rob Halford Announces HALFORD 2010 Summer/Fall Concert Tour
  213. The Heavy Metal High School
  214. 1349 To Join CANNIBAL CORPSE Tour This Weekend
  215. Noctis Valkyries IV Metal Fest
  216. Immolation/Vader tour?
  217. Bastardator is no more
  218. SLAYER's Seasons In The Abyss, MEGADETH's Rust In Peace on American Carnage
  219. Ozzy Biopic
  220. TOOL: First tour dates announced!!
  221. Nile to tour again
  222. Trent Reznor teams up with his wife for a new project
  223. Download the new Nine Inch Nails fan made live DVD for FREE!
  224. Thrash n Burn 2010
  225. Powerman 5000 Dates
  226. TED NUGENT tour
  227. Nevermore/Symphony X/Candlemass tour
  228. Michael Schenker US Tour
  229. New Malevolent Creation Album/Tour Announced!
  230. OZZFEST- Damn my sources were way off
  232. Alcest Boston show is CANCELLED
  233. Overkill Killfest 2nd Leg Dates
  234. Tidal Wave 12
  235. ROCKSTAR ENERY UPROAR tour announcment
  236. PRIMUS TOUR DATES!!!!!!!
  237. Zoroaster/Black Tusk Tour
  238. A7X drummer for Uproar tour
  239. HEAVEN & HELL forced to cancel all summer touring plans
  240. Full Tool intinerary for this summer...?
  241. Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage documentary screenings
  243. Hawthorne Heights tour dates
  244. Avenged Sevenfold- Nightmare 7-27-2010
  245. Everyone check out the new As I Lay Dying
  246. This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2
  247. It's May...Must Be Time For Singer Rumors For Anthrax Again...
  248. Tim Yeung To Fill In For Morbid Angel For At Least A Year
  249. Allen/Lande III
  250. Alex Lifeson says new Rush album is "in your face guitar stuff"