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  1. Retox April 2011 UK Tour
  2. BLS to release acoustic/b-sides album in May.
  3. GRAVE, Blood Red Throne, Pathology, Gigan to tour N. America!
  4. Free Touche Amore Live Recording
  5. Paul Di'anno jailed over benefit fraud
  6. Dredg tour dates and new song
  7. Kansas City Shitfest
  8. Suffocation Announce 2 Off Date Shows (NYC & Puerto Rico)
  9. Motorhead & Foo Fighters US tour
  10. In Flames, Trivium, Kingdom Of Sorrow team up for Mayhem Fest off dates
  11. THE OCEAN Headlining Dates
  12. Devin Townsend DVD to feature all four new albums played live
  13. The Darkness reunite, schedule Download appearance
  14. Another Iron Maiden compilation
  15. Between The Buried And Me/Animals As Leaders European Tour
  16. Clutch May Headlining Shows
  17. Sepultura's Paulo and Derrick Dead?
  18. Earth NA/EU dates
  19. 5/8 NegativePlane,LieInRuins,Scythian,Cruciamentum @ London
  20. New Iced Earth vocalist announced
  21. Dave Mustaine admitted to hospital; complications at St. Petersburg show
  22. Whitesnake U.S. shows
  23. Kai Hansen joins Michael Kiske in UNISONIC
  24. DEMONS & WIZARDS to record 3rd album
  25. BLIND GUARDIAN "classical" album
  27. Japan Benefit in NYC featuring Mike Patton, Sonic Youth, and others
  28. Ozzy Blizzard/Diary reissue details
  30. New Alestorm Album
  31. DIO DISCIPLES to tour
  32. Star Fucking Hipster NA tour
  33. Dave Mustaine is still hilarious
  34. Jello Biafra Dates
  35. A PERFECT CIRCLE North American Tour
  36. Sammy Hagar WTF?
  37. SLEEP Returning for more shows
  38. Reading and Leeds
  39. MELVINS US Dates
  40. Rock On The Range lineup/stages announced
  41. Exhumed NA Tour
  42. TOUR: Evergrey, Sabaton, Powerglove, Blackguard, The Absence
  43. Heavy MTL and Heavy TO festivals
  44. Krallice East Coast Tour
  45. Symphony X Album Info
  46. R.I.P. Frankie Sparcello (Exhorder)
  47. Combichrist US tour
  48. Cage with Evildead in Los Angeles
  49. Rockfest VI @ Quebec Canada
  50. Autopsy's new album cover is stupid
  51. Scion Metal Shows for April
  52. Rob Zombie to announce big tour on Monday, March 28
  53. Symphony X - Iconoclast - Full Details
  54. Pre-order Troglodyte's "Welcome To Boggy Creek" NOW!
  55. Peter Gabriel North American Summer Tour
  56. People in Buffalo don't know Nunslaughter, Beyond Death, Seplophile, Sarcous, Cain
  57. Punk Rock Picnic in Irvine, CA
  58. Sublime W/ Rome NA Tour
  59. ACxDC Mini West Coast Tour
  60. New In Flames album title and release dates
  61. Van Halen to drop new album in August then tour US with Scorpions
  62. New Hate Eternal Track- "Haunting Abound"
  63. Pat O'Brien to replace Gary Holt in SLAYER
  64. The Human Abstract Tour
  65. Bullet For My Valentine May dates
  66. New interview with Nergal
  67. 70,000 Tons of Metal 2012
  68. Wormrot new Album Dirge for free download!
  69. SODOM Guitarist Rushed To Hospital
  70. Stream The New BTBAM EP
  71. Donate To Help Launch GWAR Puppet Show Featuring Randy Blythe And Tony Forseta
  72. Gwar's Oderus Urungus Offering Sex For Revolver Golden God Award Votes
  73. Lamb Of God/Meshuggah/Gojira/Periphery NA Tour!
  74. BLAZE BAYLEY updates
  75. Corey Taylor Records With Velvet Revolver - Vocalist Still Not Confirmed
  76. New RUSSIAN CIRCLES album
  77. Damn April Fools On Metal Underground!
  78. "Out Of My Mind" charity single
  79. New ORIGIN album details!
  80. Blackfield/ANATHEMA US Tour
  81. New Arch Enemy song!
  82. Doom In June 2011
  83. The Goregrowler's Ball V
  84. Possible FORBIDDEN US Tour?
  85. New Meshuggah Album in October Hopefully
  86. Summer Slaughter 2011
  87. Queensryche tour
  88. R.I.P. Scott Columbus (Originally Drummer Of Manowar)
  89. Wormrot mention in Philly newspaper article
  90. New Morbid Angel Album Track list and Limited Edition Details
  91. Per Wiberg out of OPETH
  92. New Iommi Project
  93. Grammys: "Metal And Hard Rock Are The Same Thing
  94. Gnarmageddon Fest,Pamona CA
  95. IRON MAIDEN to film next DVD in Agentina & Chile
  96. Wino's new band, PREMONITION 13
  97. 9 CHAMBERS, new jam "supergroup"
  98. New Hammerlord Video!
  99. 3 Inches Of Blood Posts New Track
  100. Hole In The Sky Announces Final Festival
  101. KISS rehearsing for new album
  102. SCORPIONS to re-record hits for new CD
  103. MIKE PORTNOY Talks About His New Projects
  104. Beattie leaves Low Threat Profile
  105. Acrassicauda Tour Dates
  106. new AIC tour announced tommorow, first date leaked
  107. BLACK SABBATH 'Born Again' deluxe edition
  108. Zeke/Antiseen NA Tour Dates
  109. Mushroomhead Announces Tour With (Hed)p.e.
  110. MASTODON Hard At Work On Follow-Up To 'Crack The Skye
  111. Ihsahn to replace Arcturus at ProgPower
  112. How Is Chimaira Not Done By This Point?
  113. New REVOCATION Album Title Revealed/Coming in August '11
  114. Torche NA Tour w/ Big Business/Thrones/Helms Alee
  115. 1st Soundgarden tour in 15 years!
  116. First Diamond Head North American Tour!
  117. More Bonded by Blood Lineup Changes
  118. Rose Funeral new album.
  119. Clutch tours coming up FLOGGING MOLLY and then COC
  120. If this isn't the coolest music video you've seen in a long time, No.
  121. Days of The Doomed Festival
  122. PETER STEELE memorial shirt
  123. New traditional metal supergroup
  124. DREAM THEATER creating hype over drummer announcement
  125. To all the Rage fans living in California!!
  126. RIP Skinless
  127. MEGADETH Peace Sells 25th Anniversary Edition
  128. KK Downing leaves Judas Priest!!
  129. CANNABIS CORPSE To Release 'Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shall Rise' In July
  130. Testament To Begin Recording New Album
  131. Collective Soul tour dates
  132. Torche, Big Business and Helms Alee/Thrones US Tour
  133. RIP Matt Laporte (Jon Oliva's Pain)
  134. Toxic Holocaust Tour Dates w/Leftover Crack
  135. Kanrocksas Festival
  137. Kylesa early summer tour dates
  138. METALLICA to play Quebec City Festival
  139. Roy Khan Leaves Kamelot
  140. Alice Cooper- No More Mr.Nice Guy Tour
  141. ICS Vortext Rejoins Borknagar
  142. BEHEMOTH returning to the stage!
  143. More Blue Oyster Cult and Guests Foghat/Meatloaf/Others US Dates For 2011
  144. Toxic Holocaust and Leftover Crack US Dates
  145. Saxon U.S. Tour
  147. LAWL Tour Of The Year
  148. Between the Buried and Me at the Rave.
  149. Richard Ebisch leaves LEGION OF THE DAMNED
  150. Buckethead Tour Dates
  151. Entire new Beastie Boys album streaming on official site
  152. Five Finger Death Punch needs a new bassist.
  153. KYUSS LIVES! NA Tour
  154. California Discord Los Angeles Festival 2011
  155. Giant Squid to enter studio in June to record new EP, Cenotes
  156. East Coast Big 4 show in the works
  157. KISS NA tour
  158. COHEED AND CAMBRIA Neverender Encore Show
  159. Members of Brokencyde allegedly assault drummer of Punchline.
  160. Possible As I Lay Dying N.A. tours in May or July?
  161. New Exhumed Song "As Hammer to Anvil"
  162. Iron Maiden USA/Canada Spring 2012 Tour
  163. Amon Amarth Philly show to be filmed
  164. Jungle Rot signs with...Victory Records?
  165. Man kills room mate over Limp Bizkit
  166. The Black Dahlia Murder to release 'Ritual' in June
  167. George Thorogood tour
  168. GWAR-B-Q 2011
  169. Chimaira New Lineup + Dates Announced
  170. Mayhem NA Tour 2011
  171. YES/STYX US Summer Tour Dates
  172. SLIPKNOT Will Carry On 'With Or Without' COREY TAYLOR
  174. Hey California people, go do something worthwhile for a change
  175. New Origin Song
  176. Possible Machine Head NA Headline Tour?
  177. Yob/Dark Castle US Tour
  178. Possibly Worst Review I've Ever Read
  179. New KMFDM album just came out
  180. Asesino CA dates
  181. long island fest full lineup finally announced
  182. New Evildead song online!
  183. New Opeth Album
  184. Next Scion A/V metal show in California:
  185. 7/5 Decrepid,Scythian,Ghast@OldBlueLast London- THIS SAT!
  186. Album Details for New Sepultura Album
  187. MASTER "is dead until I find new band members"
  188. Suffocation US Tour?
  189. Liturgy Tour Dates
  190. Kreator, Sodom, Destruction tour in 2 years?
  191. New Revocation in August
  192. "Slaughter Survivors" Tour Summer 2011
  193. New Gravehill Album
  194. AC/DC planning new album and tour within next 2-3 years
  195. Death Feast Open-Air 2011
  196. New Supergroup Featuring Dave Mustaine and Dan Spitz
  197. "Death Comes Ripping" tour
  198. A million billion TOUCHE AMORE dates!
  199. 21/5: 40 WATT SUN, Fen, Craven Idol, Isola @ London
  200. MASTER front-man reforms ABOMINATION
  201. Vreid, Kampfar, Necronomicon Tour
  202. Enslaved - The Sleeping Gods EP
  203. Agnostic Front Tour?
  204. New Archgoat Mini LP!!
  205. Secret Tyler, The Creator Show In LA Tomorrow!
  206. Nunslaughter in Los Angeles!!!
  207. Desaster in Los Angeles, CA
  208. Animals As Leaders Headlining Tour
  209. Gathering of the Bestial Legion V
  210. Black Dahlia Murder short southern tour.
  211. Down Begins Recording New Album
  212. VAN HALEN confirmed for Australia's Soundwave Revolution festival tour
  214. Decapitated - Carnival is Forever
  215. RUMOR: Arch Enemy/Devildriver
  216. New Faceless song!
  217. Carnival Of Madness 2011
  218. Blaze Bayle/Wolfsbane May-December tour dates
  219. Roger Daltrey to Tour the US, Performing 'Tommy' and Other Who Hits
  220. Unbelievable Pink Floyd Remasters
  221. Scream The Prayer Tour 2011
  222. Fifth Angel's drummer quits!
  223. Free Agent Steel Show in LA
  224. FYE signings at Rock On The Range
  225. New GZR album and GEEZER BUTLER memoirs
  226. Short Deep Purple NA Tour (Dates)
  227. Devin Townsend's sale to raise money for a new Ziltoid
  228. Dillinger headline show added tomorrow night at Sonar
  229. Firewind: N.A. Headlining Tour w/ Arsis, White Wizzard, and Nightrage
  230. Foo Fighters Short Arena Tour
  231. IWRESTLEDABEARONCE are now...black metal?
  232. New Black Tide Album: Post Mortem
  233. New DIO compilation
  234. An Evening with AMON AMARTH - round two
  235. Roger Daltery to perform entire Tommy album on solo tour
  236. RUMOR: Judas Priest, Black Label Society, Thin Lizzy
  237. VILDHJARTA sign to Century Media!
  238. Pentagram US tour in August?
  239. Hey Pennsylvania
  240. New World Under Blood Song Released
  241. Swans US Tour
  242. The Faceless singer is no longer in the band
  243. New Trivium Song
  244. Mayhem US tour in November
  245. Brutal Truth - End Time
  246. KMFDM NA Dates
  247. Explosions in the Sky NA Tour
  248. New Arsis Demo
  249. The Honda Civic Tour 2011
  250. Scenester Survivors Tour